Why Miley Cyrus Decided To Forgo Touring: “It’s Not What I Need Right Now”

The singer expressed that their statement was not meant to show any disrespect or disregard towards their fans.

Miley Cyrus clarifies comments about not wanting to tour again - The Celeb  Post

Miley Cyrus is standing by her statement about not wanting to go on tour anymore. Despite some fans being upset with her recent announcement, the singer took to social media to confirm her decision and explain why she made it.

Miley Cyrus Clarifies On Lack Of Touring, Says 'It Isn't What's Best For Me  Right Now' - Pollstar News

In a recent post on Twitter, she expressed her increased connection with her fans at present. She wrote a long message using the notes app on her phone and shared a screenshot of the same on Twitter. Despite not being able to see her fans in person every night during concerts, she feels their presence deeply in her heart.

Miley Cyrus - Corona Capital Festival 2022

In a recent message to her fans, the singer expressed that her decision not to tour has nothing to do with a lack of appreciation for them, but rather her preference to not have to get ready in a locker room due to the reality of life on the road. This message follows her recent interview with British Vogue where she stated that she wouldn’t be touring in support of her latest album, Endless Summer Vacation. She explained that stadium and arena performances are isolating and not natural, making her desire to live her life for her own pleasure and fulfillment even stronger. In her latest message, the artist reiterated her stance by expressing that she simply doesn’t want to sleep on a moving bus.

Miley festeja por adelantado sus 30 en el Corona Capital 2022

At present, this is not the best decision for me. I have a track record of evolving, as you would know if you’ve kept up with my career, and my perspective on this matter may change as well. I appreciate your support and affection, and I’m currently taking an extended break.

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