“Unveiling Miley Cyrus’ Abs Secret: How 30-Minute Crunches Routine Boosted Her Killer Physique”

As per Miley Cyrus’ pilates instructor, the key to her enviable toned abs is consistent dedication to doing crunches for 30 minutes every day. The singer has been flaunting her midriff in crop tops since her bold comeback. To maintain her fit appearance, she puts in a lot of hard work and effort.

Miley Cyrus at her Bangerz release event at Planet Hollywood, New York, on Tuesday

Mari Winsor, a pilates instructor, claims that exercising is not just limited to performing a few exercises, it requires consistent effort for at least thirty minutes. She stresses the significance of mastering the technique of pulling in the tummy towards the lower back instead of simply tightening it. According to her, merely doing forty crunches daily will not provide the desired results. Recently, Miley Cyrus has set up a workout studio in her house and has been following Winsor’s training program, which has visibly enhanced her legs. Winsor is proud of the firm and toned appearance of Cyrus’s legs, all thanks to her workout routine.

Miley Cyrus Abs Workout — How To Get Her Toned Tummy In 30 Minutes A Day –  Hollywood Life

She is motivated to exercise regularly in order to achieve a healthy body and toned abs. However, Greg Small, the spokesperson for Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), warns that relying solely on sit-ups will not give you the desired results. Despite Miley Cyrus’ assertion that daily crunches are effective, spot reduction is not entirely reliable. To attain a well-rounded exercise routine, it is essential to include a variety of exercises that complement each other.

Showing off her midriff

Skimpy Miley Cyrus arrives to her release party at club Finale in New York City

If you perform crunches on a daily basis, your body may become used to the exercise and it may no longer be effective. Lorna Driver-Davies, a nutritional therapist at The Nutri Centre, applauds Miley for her dedication to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle despite her demanding job. Being young and having access to professional nutritionists and dieticians can help Miley maintain her slender figure. Furthermore, Miley has disclosed her gluten intolerance, which could help alleviate any bloating caused by gluten-containing products. To increase her energy levels, Miley’s nutritionists may suggest incorporating B6-rich foods into her diet, such as leafy greens, lean protein, quinoa, and oats – a great option for someone with a hectic and physically taxing routine.

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