“Twisting the Pageboy Cap: Miley Cyrus’ Unique Take on George Clooney’s Style at AFI Event”

The American Film Institute recently awarded George Clooney with a Lifetime Achievement Award, and the ceremony was attended by many famous faces. One of the highlights of the event was Miley Cyrus’ performance of “I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow,” a song that holds a special significance for Clooney as he had lip-synced it in the 2000 Coen brothers film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”. Despite being older than his wife Amal, who is a lawyer, Clooney’s legacy in Hollywood remains unrivaled.

Spotlight: The American Film Institute gave its Lifetime Achievement Award this year to the grizzled George Clooney, throwing a gala in his honor on Thursday co-starring Miley Cyrus

The American Film Institute recently honored George Clooney for his remarkable contributions to the film industry in a grand ceremony held last Thursday. The event was filled with many memorable moments, one of which was the musical performance by Miley Cyrus and a group of male musicians dressed in rustic apparel. Miley looked stunning in her attire, featuring high-waisted black and white pinstripe pants paired with an elegantly crumpled white shirt that was tucked in while leaving a few buttons undone to showcase her exquisite necklaces. To enhance her appearance, she styled her blonde hair in a way that perfectly complemented her face and completed her look with a pageboy cap.

Songbird: Miley Cyrus hit the stage of Los Angeles' Dolby Theatre during the proceedings, singing I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, per an AFI tweet

As per a tweet from the American Film Institute, Miley Cyrus performed “I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow” at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles not long ago.

Significance: George, who at the age of 57 is 17 years his glamorous lawyer wife Amal's senior, lip-synced the song in his 2000 Coen brothers film O Brother, Where Art Thou?

At 57 years old, George is 17 years older than his stunning lawyer wife Amal. Fans were thrilled when he recently mimed along to a tune from his 2000 movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?, directed by the Coen brothers.

The look: Accompanied by a claque of male musicians dressed in frontier chic, Miley performed in a high-waisted pair of black and white pinstripe slacks

Miley Cyrus set the crowd on fire accompanied by a posse of male musicians dressed in western-inspired outfits. The artist flaunted a stunning pair of high-waisted black and white pinstripe pants, giving her ensemble an edgy touch.

Jewelry display: Her artfully rumpled white shirt was tucked in, and the 25-year-old left several buttons undone to reveal her tangle of necklaces

A stylish young lady chose to wear a white shirt with a relaxed look, leaving some buttons open to showcase her collection of necklaces. In the background, she was caught mingling with the famous Bill Murray, who had starred alongside George in three successful movies – The Monuments Men, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and A Very Murray Christmas. Miley Cyrus and Bill were captured sipping on some lemon iced drinks while sitting beside a table that had a bottle of Belvedere vodka. They were also snapped enjoying the company of two beloved TV personalities, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, who both starred in the highly acclaimed Friends show from the 90s.

Snappy: Sweeping her blonde hair partly back and letting the rest of it fall forward to frame her face, the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus rounded off the look with a pageboy cap

Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter with blonde hair had a chic approach to hairstyling – she gathered only a portion of her hair and allowed the rest to cascade around her face. To enhance her effortless appearance, she accessorized with a pageboy cap, which added a touch of fashion-forwardness to her look.

Swank: She was glimpsed backstage hobnobbing with Bill Murray, George's co-star in three films - The Monuments Men, Fantastic Mr. Fox and A Very Murray Christmas

During her time behind the scenes, Swank was spotted chatting away with none other than Bill Murray. The dynamic duo have shared the silver screen on more than one occasion, starring in movies such as The Monuments Men, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and A Very Murray Christmas.

Three years on: A Very Murray Christmas, directed by Oscar-winning screenwriter Sofia Coppola (daughter of Francis Ford Coppola), was a 2015 movie musical co-written by Bill

Sofia Coppola, an acclaimed director and daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, directed the 2015 movie musical, A Very Murray Christmas. Co-written by Bill Murray, this project brought together some of Hollywood’s most talented individuals. Among them was George Clooney, who has a close friendship with Brad Pitt, the actor who famously left Jennifer Aniston to marry Angelina Jolie. Interestingly, both Jennifer and George have worked together before in the 1998 film, Waiting For Woody, which was directed by George’s frequent collaborator, Grant Heslov. Although they have collaborated on several movies, including the Ocean’s trilogy, Brad Pitt was not seen at the recent AFI tribute honoring George on Thursday evening.

Cheers: Miley and Bill were glimpsed enjoying clear iced beverages with lemon in them, beside a table where a bottle of Belvedere vodka was sitting

Miley and Bill were spotted savoring refreshing lemon drinks while lounging by a table that hosted a bottle of Belvedere vodka. Cheers to some much-needed downtime!

Quartet: They were also photographed hobnobbing with a pair of TV icons - Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, stars of the 1990s sitcom colossus Friends

A group of four individuals were captured in a snapshot while spending time with the renowned television celebrities, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. These talented actresses were widely recognized for their prominent roles in the popular 90s sitcom, Friends.

Notable: Brad Pitt, who starred with George in a string of movie including the Ocean's trilogy, was not photographed at the AFI tribute to his old castmate Thursday evening

George was celebrated at the AFI tribute event on Thursday evening, although Brad Pitt was noticeably absent despite being George’s former co-star in the Ocean’s trilogy. In 2009, Roald Dahl’s beloved children’s book, Fantastic Mr. Fox, was brought to life through animation in a movie directed by Wes Anderson. George wrote and directed the 2014 World War II drama film, The Monuments Men, which was based on a nonfiction book of the same name. A Very Murray Christmas, a 2015 movie musical, was co-written by Bill Murray and directed by Sofia Coppola, the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola who won an Oscar for screenwriting. The American folk song, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, was originally published in 1913 by a blind travelling fiddler named Dick Burnett. The song has been recorded by many musicians over the years, including The Stanley Brothers, Bob Dylan, and Joan Baez, each of whom added their own unique twist to it.

History: I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, an American folk song first published by blind travelling fiddler Dick Burnett in 1913, has been recorded in various forms

In 1913, a fiddler named Dick Burnett, who was visually impaired, released the iconic American folk song “I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow.” Ever since then, various musicians have put their spin on this timeless melody.

And now Miley: It has been performed by a host of names including, but not limited to, The Stanley Brothers, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez

Shall we take a moment to discuss Miley Cyrus and her music? I want to bring up a particular song called “It” that has been covered by various artists including The Stanley Brothers, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

Premise: In O Brother, Where Art Thou?, George's character and two fellow escaped convicts record the song as a group called The Soggy Bottom Boys, and it becomes a smash

The movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” features George’s character teaming up with two fellow prisoners to form a musical group known as The Soggy Bottom Boys. Their recorded song became a hit, but contrary to popular belief, the actors did not sing it themselves. The vocals were actually provided by three talented individuals – Dan Tyminski, Harley Allen, and Pat Enwright. This rendition of an old song even won a Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration With Vocals. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus, who is engaged to Liam Hemsworth, has yet to win a Grammy award despite being nominated in the Best Pop Vocal Album category for her 2013 release, Bangerz.

Bluegrass: At the June 7 taping, the Hannah Montana alum did a cover of Man Of Constant Sorrow from the Coen Brothers' memorable movie, O Brother Where Art Thou

Did you know that the vocals in that scene were not performed by George, John Turturro, and Tim Blake Nelson? It may come as a shock, but the singing was actually done by Dan Tyminski, Harley Allen, and Pat Enwright.

Credit where due: Dan, Harley and Pat's stirring rendition of the now century-old song went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration With Vocals

Let’s take a moment to give a big hand to Dan, Harley, and Pat for their amazing interpretation of a timeless tune that has been enjoyed for a century. They really knocked it out of the park, and even walked away with the prestigious Grammy Award for their outstanding work on the Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.

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