“Style Switch-Up: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Winter Fashion While Filming Music Video with Furry Friend in Malibu”

On Monday afternoon, Miley Cyrus was seen shooting for an upcoming music video at a Malibu beach. The 28-year-old singer, who hails from Tennessee, seemed to be having a great time as she played around in the sand and waves while being filmed by the production crew. Unlike her previous shoots where she often wore lingerie or provocative outfits, Miley opted for winter fashion this time, and her bleached mullet was impeccably styled.

Beach day! On Monday, Miley Cyrus was spotted filming an upcoming music video at a beach in Malibu

Nice hair: The Party In The U.S.A singer's platinum bleached mullet was on full view during the video shoot

During a photo shoot, Miley Cyrus was seen donning a stunning deep purple blouse with a high neckline that beautifully contrasted her platinum blonde locks. Her outfit was completed with a pair of wide-legged plaid pants sitting high on her waist that swayed gracefully in the ocean breeze. The pop sensation accessorized with a vibrant red-and-green scarf and matching bracelets, complimented by an array of rings on both her hands. While the rest of the crew opted for terrain-friendly footwear, Cyrus remained barefooted throughout the shoot.

Interesting choice: The hitmaker wore a high-neckline purple blouse as part of her costume

Contrasting clothes: Cyrus was also seen in a wide-legged pair of plaid pants that got slightly wet during the production of the video

Accessories: In addition to a red and green scarf with matching bracelets, the songwriter wore a number of rings as the video was being shot

During the shoot, the artist showed off a couple of rings with her initials on them. While she didn’t wear a face mask, the rest of the production team did. In one scene, Cyrus struck a pose by standing on one leg, flexing her biceps, and making an exaggerated frown. Later on, she was seen playing with a big white poodle that appeared to be having a great time.

Attitude! At one point during the filming, Cyrus flexed her arms and made a grimace at the camera

Four-legged friend: The Prisoner singer was spotted playing with a large white poodle for another filmed sequence

Nothing but a good time: Cyrus seemed to be enjoying herself as she chased the pooch around in the sand

The look we are used to: With a bra top at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena

During the shooting break, the singer was seen engaging with the production team and seemed to be in high spirits as she exchanged jokes with them. One of the crew members was also observed providing shade for Cyrus by holding a big umbrella over her head, protecting her from the blazing California sun.

As the shooting location was about to change, the songwriter hopped onto a rental cart and drove across the sand to reach a parking lot near the beach. Without any concern for footwear, she made her way across the scorching hot concrete.

Keeping her distance: The hitmaker did not wear a face mask during the production of the video

Not even tired: Cyrus did not seem to mind chasing the pooch around for an extended period of time

Downtime: After a fair amount of time filming in the sun, the singer stood underneath an umbrella held by a crew member

Miley Cyrus, the former star of Disney Channel, has released her latest album titled Plastic Hearts on November 27th. Prior to the release of the LP, two singles were aired in mid-August and late November, followed by the release of the remaining tracks. The album’s rock-infused sound was influenced by the mixed commercial response to her previous album, Younger Now. Collaborating with various artists such as British pop singer Dua Lipa and iconic figures Billy Idol and Joan Jett, Cyrus has produced her seventh full-length album.

Recent release: The singer's latest album, entitled Plastic Hearts, was released just under three months ago

Different ideas: Although Cyrus' last album leaned towards a country pop sound, her newest LP features her relying on her rock influences

When Plastic Hearts was released, it garnered favorable reviews from critics who admired Cyrus’s ability to fuse radio-friendly pop with her cherished rock roots. Cyrus struck a balance that impressed many reviewers. The album also made a splash on the charts, debuting at number two on the Billboard 200. Furthermore, it proved to be a hit on the Top Rock Albums chart where it claimed the number one position.

Special guests: Plastic Hearts featured guest vocals from pop singer Dua Lipa as well as 80's legends Joan Jett and Billy Idol

Big success: The album debuted at the number two position on the Billboard 200 chart

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