“Sly’s Star Power Can’t Save ‘The Expendables 4’: An Honest Opinion”

Andy Garcia is often cast in lackluster films and unfortunately, his appearance in “Expend4bles” does little to break this trend. While Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham are the main draw, the former’s role is short-lived and the latter shares screen time with a forgettable cast of aspiring action performers. Megan Fox’s inappropriate attire for killing terrorists is just one of the many unrealistic elements of the film, including unconvincing backgrounds and pitiful acting. The film largely takes place on a ship and features slow-moving action sequences that reveal their seams. While Stallone and Statham have good banter, the lack of strong writing leaves much to be desired. Overall, “Expend4bles” lives up to its title and a writer is desperately needed if there is ever an “Expendables 5”.

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