Sizzling in Style: Kim Kardashian Dazzles in a Cropped Tank that Flaunts her Assets at a Costa Rican Dinner

Kim Kardashian is currently soaking up the sun in Costa Rica with her family. Due to the high temperatures, she has been spotted wearing minimal clothing during her tropical getaway. Recently, she was seen heading to dinner at Ostra with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, along with their mother Kris Jenner.

Va-voom! Kim Kardashian showed off her body when heading to a family dinner in Costa Rica on Friday evening. Here she has two guards behind her

Wowza! Kim Kardashian flaunted her curves while on her way to a dinner with her family in Costa Rica last Friday. She was accompanied by two security guards who followed closely behind.

Nice look: The star's white crop bra top looked custom made. It not only showed off plenty of the reality maven's cleavage, but it also flashed her stomach muscles, which are very impressive considering she welcomed son Saint into the world just over a year ago

The celebrity donned a striking white crop bra top that appeared to be tailored to fit her perfectly. The garment not only showcased ample cleavage but also revealed her toned abdominal muscles, which is quite remarkable considering she gave birth to son Saint just slightly over a year ago. Kim complemented her stunning top with black slacks and heels, completing her head-turning ensemble.

The family: The cover girl was with sisters Khloe and Kourtney as well as mother Kris Jenner and her love Corey Gamble

The squad: The star of the show hung out with her siblings Khloe and Kourtney, along with her momager Kris Jenner and her beau Corey Gamble.

More to love: The super star has been working out one hour a day and is on the Atkin's Diet

More to love: The super star has been working out one hour a day and is on the Atkin's Diet

The famous celebrity has been dedicating an hour every day to her workout routine and following the Atkin’s Diet. Unlike some of her sisters, she does not share her exercise routine on Snapchat. However, she feels that if it is not posted online, it never happened. Kourtney looked stunning in her attire, wearing a black and mauve bra top with silky dusty rose slacks and pink heels complemented by a black clutch.

Nice place: The star was looked after by a guard as she left Ostra

Lovely locale: A security personnel accompanied the celebrity while exiting Ostra.

Solo: Khloe wore a maroon top and jeans. She still had on her tight braids and she had on strappy heels. Her beau Tristan Thompson was not seen

Khloe was spotted in a maroon top and jeans, completing her look with strappy heels and tight braids. However, her partner Tristan Thompson was nowhere to be seen. It’s worth noting that this appearance from Khloe follows Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat session with her children North and Saint, in which she wore a low cut black tank top as her outfit of choice.

A 10L Kourtney also looked very comely in her outfit. The ex of Scott Disick had on a black and mauve bra top with dusty rose silky slacks and pink heels with a black clutch

Kourtney, who appeared to be in good spirits, looked stunning in her attire. She opted for a stylish black and mauve bra top paired with dusty rose silky slacks and complemented the look with pink heels and a black clutch. The overall outfit was quite impressive and definitely caught the attention of many.

Hello! Kardashian modeled nothing but a low cut black tank top during a Snapchat session with kids North West and Saint from her trip to Costa Rica

Hey there! During a recent Snapchat session with her kids North West and Saint while on vacation in Costa Rica, Kardashian sported a simple yet chic black tank top with a flattering low neckline.

Like a Playboy bunny, but not: Kim chose a rabbit filter with fuzzy ears and a pink nose and whiskers

Instead of a Playboy bunny, Kim opted for a rabbit filter that had cute fuzzy ears, a pink nose, and adorable whiskers.

Kim opted for a filter that transformed her into an adorable rabbit with soft ears, a cute pink nose, and whiskers. It was evident that the famous celebrity was having a great time as she spent considerable time focusing the camera on herself. Her two children, North (three years old) and Saint (one year old), also joined in on the fun alongside their Yeezy rapper dad.

The star seemed to be enjoying her animal filter as she kept the camera on her famous mug for quite some time

The star seemed to be enjoying her animal filter as she kept the camera on her famous mug for quite some time

Check me out! The celebrity appeared to be having a great time using the animal filter on her camera and kept it focused on her face for a while. Her daughter North looked adorable with the same animal filter as hers. The young celebrity guest star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was a natural in front of the camera, giving a soft and captivating gaze towards it. She was wearing a top that had a combination of pink and purple colors while her younger brother Saint was dressed in a white onesie.

Her little star: North looked cute in her filter, which was the same as her mom's. The little Keeping Up With The Kardashians guest star is a natural with the camera, gazing into the lens

North, the adorable guest star on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, looked absolutely precious in her matching filter with her mom. She clearly has a knack for posing for the camera, staring right into the lens and stealing the spotlight.

The next Yeezy: Also there was Saint, who wore a white onesie

The upcoming Yeezy: Additionally, little Saint donned a cute white jumpsuit.

He is already walking: Saint has been taking a few steps here and there at home

Saint has started to take a few steps at home, indicating that he is already walking. The family seemed to have settled down in a cozy home with neutral colors, a white sofa, dark beige carpeting, and a wooden coffee table. Khloe, Kim’s sister, was present as well, wearing a white tank top and playing with Kourtney’s son, Reign. Reign was seen sporting a grey top and a gold chain similar to his father, Scott Disick. On Friday, Kim was spotted departing from LA as she headed towards her vacation destination.

Another low-cut top: Also there was sister Khloe, who wore a white tank top and also had a filter. She was playing with Kourtney's son Reign

An additional top with a plunging neckline was spotted on the scene. Khloe, Kourtney’s sister, was also present donning a white tank top. She had her own filter and was seen playing with Kourtney’s little one, Reign.

Just like papa: Reign wore a grey top and gold chain like father Scott Disick

Reign, Scott Disick’s son, emulated his father by donning a grey top and a gold chain. In the meantime, Khloe posted a picture of herself showcasing some sideboob while rising in a helicopter. Kylie, who was also in the helicopter, wore a bronze top. Kourtney opted for Daisy Dukes and a cream net top covering her bikini top, flaunting her legs. Snapchat appeared to be the platform of choice for the Kardashian-Jenner clan to document their travels.

Nice look: Khloe also got in on the Snapchat action. The ex of Lamar Odom shared a photo of herself flashing sideboob as she rose in a helicopter

Khloe joined the fun on Snapchat and shared a picture of herself in a helicopter. The photo shows her revealing sideboob as she rises up in the air.

These girls don't own shirts: Kylie wore a bronze bra top as she also sat in the helicopter

These ladies seem to have no use for shirts as Kylie opted for a shiny bronze bra top while taking a helicopter ride.

Her look for the day: Kourtney flashed her legs in Daisy Dukes and a cream net top over a bikini top

Kourtney’s outfit of the day featured a pair of Daisy Dukes that showed off her legs. She paired it with a cream net top worn over a bikini top for a chic and stylish look.

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