“Rocking the Super Bowl’s TikTok Tailgate: Miley Cyrus, Billy Idol, and Joan Jett Bring the Ultimate Music Experience”

Miley Cyrus brought her rock n’ roll attitude to the TikTok Tailgate pregame show at Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida on Sunday. The 28-year-old singer delivered an electrifying performance that wowed the crowd of vaccinated healthcare workers in attendance. Adding to the excitement were music icons Billy Idol and Joan Jett, who graced the stage with their presence. Miley donned a sizzling vinyl cheerleading outfit in fuchsia, featuring zippers and metallic accents, as she performed some of her latest hits. Her dynamic presence and powerful vocals left everyone in awe.

Rebel yell! Miley Cyrus showcased her rock n' roll rebel persona on Sunday afternoon as she headlined the TikTok Tailgate pregame show at Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida

During the Super Bowl LV TikTok Tailgate pregame show in Tampa, Florida, Miley Cyrus showcased her rebellious rock n’ roll image with a bold and daring outfit. She wore a crop top that had criss-cross straps and featured sparkly fuchsia lettering that said ‘FTW’. The pleated mini skirt added a touch of femininity to her edgy ensemble. Completing the look were knee pads, black platform boots with silver buckles, multiple chainlink bracelets, and antique rings on her fingers. Her bleach blonde mullet hairstyle emphasized her ice blue eyes that were highlighted with charcoal-toned eyeshadow. Miley’s fearless personality shone through her entire performance.

Special guests: The 28-year-old singer, who performed for a crowd of vaccinated health care workers, was joined on stage by music icons Billy Idol and Joan Jett during her set

An up-and-coming vocalist recently thrilled a crowd of healthcare workers who have been vaccinated, with a mesmerizing performance that included two music legends – Billy Idol and Joan Jett. To prepare for the much-awaited pre-game presentation, the We Can’t Stop singer has been working hard at the gym, and it shows as her 5’5″ figure looks incredibly fit. Miley has a penchant for making grand entrances, and she certainly didn’t disappoint this time, making an appearance on a motorbike decked out in patriotic colors. The stage was expertly crafted, featuring a large photo montage of her most memorable moments, reflecting lights, and a plethora of bedazzled props.

Grand entrance: Never one to miss an opportunity to make a grand entrance, Miley road out on stage atop a patriotic-themed motorcycle

Miley Cyrus is renowned for her show-stopping entrances, and her latest performance was nothing short of spectacular. She made a bold statement by riding onto the stage on a stunning motorcycle adorned with patriotic symbols.

Rock on! Flashing 'Rock On!' hand signals at the crowd, Miley hopped off her motorbike and jumped right into her performance

Here we go! As the crowd cheered her on, Miley eagerly flashed the symbol for ‘Rock On!’ and dismounted her bicycle before diving headfirst into her exhilarating performance.

Energetic: Cyrus was clearly feeling the energy emitted by the vaccinated frontline workers crowded around the stage, who enthusiastically cheered her on as she delivered jaw-dropping vocals with each song

Cyrus was completely absorbed in the vibrant atmosphere that enveloped her as she performed on stage. The vaccinated frontline workers who had gathered around her were cheering exuberantly, and their energy acted as a catalyst for her exceptional vocal performances. A transparent sphere filled with multi-colored gum balls sat next to her drummer, adding to the lively ambiance. As she dismounted her motorbike, Cyrus sprang into action, signaling “Rock On!” to her adoring fans. Standing alongside her idols and collaborators Billy Idol and Joan Jett, Cyrus beamed with pure joy, evident from her broad smile.

Peppy! Cyrus belted out the lyrics to some of her latest and greatest hits in a skimpy, vinyl cheerleading uniform, complete with zipper detailing and metallic fuchsia accents

Cyrus was feeling particularly merry and sang her newest hit songs with a lot of energy. She wore a cheerleading outfit made of vinyl fabric that was revealing, complete with zippers and shiny pink details.

All in the details: The peppy get-up consisted of a crop top with criss-cross straps that had 'FTW' plastered across the front of it in bold, sparkly fuchsia lettering, as well as pleated mini skirt

The saying “the devil is in the details” holds true, especially in fashion. Take for example this vibrant ensemble which featured a short top that was adorned with criss-cross straps and had the letters ‘FTW’ embellished in bold fuchsia sequins on its front. The matching mini-skirt also had pleats that gave it an extra flair of elegance.

Rocker chick: Rocking her newly signature bleach blonde mullet, Miley let her natural waves frame her face and drew attention to her ice blue peepers with a generous amount of charcoal toned eyeshadow

During a recent performance alongside her idol Joan Jett, the renowned singer Miley Cyrus debuted a fresh bleach blonde mullet hairstyle. She highlighted her captivating ice blue eyes with dark charcoal-toned eyeshadow and let her natural waves flow freely around her face. Dressed in a vibrant red t-shirt, black trousers, and a leather jacket, Miley joined forces with Joan to perform “Night Crawling,” a suggestive song from her latest album, Plastic Hearts. As they sang and grooved together, Miley affectionately put her arm around Joan, showcasing their deep connection. The performance was made more special by Joan’s impressive guitar playing skills and vocal abilities. Miley even paid homage to her 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance by using a giant pink foam finger during the show. For Miley, this moment was particularly meaningful as she considers Joan as her personal hero.

Duet: Billy Idol, sporting a flaming red tee, black trousers, and a leather jacket, collaborated with Cyrus on the track Night Crawling, which is featured on the starlet's recently released record Plastic Hearts

Billy Idol and Cyrus collaborated on a new song called “Night Crawling.” Billy Idol looked stylish in a flashy red t-shirt, black pants, and a cool leather jacket. The track can be found on Cyrus’ latest album, Plastic Hearts.

Fit figure: The We Can't Stop songstress has been putting in work at the gym the past several weeks in preparation for her highly anticipated pregame show performance

Miley Cyrus is hitting the gym hard to prepare for her upcoming pregame show performance. Despite her hit song “We Can’t Stop” being a party anthem, the singer is putting in dedicated effort towards achieving her fitness goals and getting in peak physical shape.

Throwback: At one point, the Can't Be Tamed songstress paid homage to her infamous 2013 MTV Video Music Award's performance by rocking out with a giant fuchsia foam finger

Looking back, the singer Can’t Be Tamed paid tribute to her unforgettable appearance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards by boogying with a gigantic pink foam finger. However, all eyes were on Joan Jett, who looked absolutely stunning in a black sequined bodysuit while rocking out on her guitar. Miley teamed up with the 62-year-old former member of The Runaways to perform their duet, Bad Karma, which is featured on Cyrus’ latest album Plastic Hearts. For their collaboration, Miley donned a more girlish football player outfit complete with a pink and white jersey, shoulder pads, and tight pants. Along with her hit single, Midnight Sky, she also belted out her emotional song, High, and several other tracks as she dazzled the crowd alongside Jett and Idol.

Cool chaos: Resting behind the pop star was an elaborate set complete with giant Miley-themed photo collages, lots of ultra reflective glitter, and a bevy of bedazzled props

During her performance, Miley Cyrus created an incredibly distinctive atmosphere that perfectly showcased the many facets of her personality. The stage was decorated with massive photo collages, shiny glitter, and a plethora of sparkling props, all intricately adorned. Although seemingly chaotic, the overall effect was stylish and chic, emitting an effortlessly cool vibe.

Belting it out: During her lengthy set, Miley performed the lead single of Plastic Hearts, titled Midnight Sky, as well as the melancholy track High and her collaborative tracks with Jett and Idol

At her recent concert, Miley Cyrus treated her fans to a range of songs, including her own hits like “Midnight Sky” and “High,” as well as collaborations with rock legends Joan Jett and Billy Idol. She also delighted the crowd with her renditions of classic songs such as “Jolene” by Dolly Parton, “Heart of Glass” by Blondie, and “Head Like a Hole” by Nine Inch Nails. In a kind gesture, Miley gave a shout-out to Britney Spears by incorporating her name into the lyrics of “Party in the U.S.A.” The singer also performed “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball,” which brought up some emotions for her. Miley took a moment to talk about the significance of the songs and how individuals cope with their pain differently. Despite her armor and flashy appearance, the singer revealed that her heart breaks often.

Game on! Miley teased her fans with a look at her TikTok Tailgate set just hours before taking the stage on Instagram

Are you excited for some entertainment? Miley gave her Instagram followers a sneak peek of her fun-filled TikTok Tailgate arrangements, right before her upcoming show.

Game time! Miley also gave some commentary while inside the stadium

Why don’t we head to the sports field for some fun and games? Miley added her own viewpoint from the stadium.

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