“Pop Star Miley Cyrus Bares Her Midriff and Legs in a Bold Photoshoot, Sparking Conversations with the Release of Branded Condoms for Her Latest Album “She Is Coming””

Miley Cyrus has been busy promoting her latest album, She Is Coming. Recently, she was spotted on the set of a photo shoot for the album and its accompanying branded condoms. The 26-year-old singer looked thrilled as she arrived, flaunting her perfectly sculpted abs in a crop top and denim shorts. Despite her former image as Hannah Montana, Miley isn’t afraid to show off her more provocative side.

Stunning: Miley Cyrus, 26, looked clearly excited as she arrived on set of a photoshoot for the new EP, which she is also promoting with branded condoms, on Friday

Miley Cyrus, aged 26, was visibly thrilled as she made her way onto the set of a photo shoot for her latest EP, which she is also promoting with her own line of branded condoms. The singer looked stunning in a printed blue crop-top that showed off her well-toned abs. She paired the top with a pair of tiny denim shorts and eye-catching cowboy boots that accentuated her long, lean legs. Miley’s naturally beautiful features were enhanced by a bold makeup look that perfectly complemented her blonde, fringed hair.

Toned: The former Hannah Montana star couldn't resist showing off her impossibly toned abs in a tiny crop top and barely there denim Daisy Dukes as she arrived on set

The ex-Hannah Montana actress simply couldn’t resist flaunting her incredibly chiseled abs, wearing a small crop top paired with almost non-existent denim Daisy Dukes upon her arrival on the set.

Looking good: The star made the most of her long, lean legs in her tiny denims which she teamed with a pair of cowboy boots

Happy: Miley appeared to be in her element as she geared up for the shoot

The celebrity flaunted her slender legs by wearing skinny jeans paired with stylish cowboy boots. She definitely knew how to look good!

Gorgeous: Miley's naturally pretty features were enhanced with a striking coat of make-up, which complemented her fringed blonde mane

Miley looked stunning with her natural beauty accentuated by a bold and beautiful makeup look that perfectly matched her blonde, fringed hairstyle.

It was a tiring day for the versatile celebrity who had to wear a white robe while on set. On the other hand, Miley is thrilled about the launch of her latest album, She Is Coming, and has been sharing some daring photos on social media. The talented singer unveiled her album on Friday at midnight and posted a photo flaunting her midriff on Instagram.

Anticipated: Cyrus has been teasing the new music for some time now and played a snippet of her number Bad Karma in the car on the way to the Met Gala at the beginning of this month

Anticipated: Cyrus has been teasing the new music for some time now and played a snippet of her number Bad Karma in the car on the way to the Met Gala at the beginning of this month

Expected: Cyrus has been hinting about her upcoming music for quite some time now, and even gave her fans a sneak peek by playing a snippet of her song ‘Bad Karma’ while on her way to the Met Gala event earlier this month.

Wrapping up: Proving to be a long day at work for the multi-talented star, she was later seen being covered up with a white robe on set

Finishing up: The versatile celebrity had a tiring day at work and was spotted wearing a white robe on the set.

Apt: Miley's website is now full of themed merch for her new album, including a $20 condom with 'SHE IS COMING' written across the wrapper

Miley Cyrus has launched a line of merchandise to promote her latest album, which includes a unique $20 condom with ‘SHE IS COMING’ printed on it. The 26-year-old pop star announced the arrival of the album on her website, with a sultry photo of herself kneeling and unbuttoning a pair of distressed jeans. Her blonde waves and toned abs are also on display in a small white crop top, which seems to be a recurring theme throughout the album’s promotion. Fans can purchase the album-themed merch on her website.

She Is Coming: Miley Cyrus is celebrating the release of her newest album with a slew of racy shots on social media on Friday

Miley Cyrus is out there making waves again! The pop sensation is giving us all a reason to celebrate as she drops her latest album. In honor of this momentous occasion, she is sharing some bold and daring photos on her social media accounts.

Baring all: Miley has seen embracing the crop top style to showcase her fit frame lately

Unleashing it all: Recently, Miley has been flaunting her toned physique by donning crop tops in style.

Needs a break: The star has been heavily promoting the new EP and was spotted relaxing back stage in Spain before a performance during her album release party

Wow! She Is Coming is a six-track EP that features an edgy sound

Requiring some rest: The celebrity has been actively promoting her latest EP and was recently seen taking some downtime backstage in Spain prior to her performance at the album launch party.

On Friday, Miley Cyrus was spotted in Spain alongside her husband Liam Hemsworth, wearing a torn LV white crop, a denim skirt and white cowboy boots. Despite the exhaustion from the recent release of her latest album, Younger Now in 2017, Miley managed to share some fun backstage shots on social media, where she posed in her trendy outfit. Her latest work is notably edgier than her previous albums, as evidenced by one of her tracks called D.R.E.A.M., which is a nod to the iconic 1993 Wu-Tang Clan single C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me).

Veteran: The EP marks Miley's seventh studio album

Experienced: Miley’s EP is a significant milestone as it is her seventh album.

Listen up: She Is Coming features the tracks Mother's Daughter, Unholy, her song with Ghostface Killah, D.R.E.A.M., Cattitude featuring RuPaul, Party Up the Street and The Most

Hey, check it out: She’s Coming has got some dope tunes on it. You gotta hear Mother’s Daughter, Unholy, her collab with Ghostface Killah, D.R.E.A.M., Cattitude featuring RuPaul, Party Up the Street and The Most.

More to come: The album is the first of three EP's that the hit maker plans to release by the end of the year, the follow ups are She Is Here and She Is Everything

Expect more: The debut album is just the start as the popular artist has two more EP’s in store for fans to enjoy before the year wraps up. Look forward to She Is Here and She Is Everything.

Worth it: The pop star is hawking a $30 t-shirt with a photo of herself chowing down on a banana

Is it worth it to buy a $30 t-shirt with a photo of Miley Cyrus eating a banana? That’s up to you to decide. But one thing is for sure: Cyrus has been teasing her new music for a while now. She even played a snippet of her song “Bad Karma” on the way to the Met Gala earlier this month. Her upcoming album, “She Is Coming,” is a combination of where she’s been and where she’s going. The six-track EP includes “Mother’s Daughter,” “Unholy,” “D.R.E.A.M.” (her collaboration with Ghostface Killah), “Cattitude” featuring RuPaul, “Party Up the Street,” and “The Most.” This is just the first of three planned releases from Cyrus by the end of the year: “She Is Here” and “She Is Everything” are still to come. So keep an ear out for more new music from the pop star.

Double-entendre: Another $30 t-shirt on the merch site features an image of Miley pulling her fly apart, accompanied by text reading: 'SHE CAME'

A t-shirt worth $30 is up for grabs on the merchandise website, with an image of Miley Cyrus pulling apart her fly. The caption on the t-shirt says “SHE CAME”, adding a double entendre to the design.

Hello, operator? Miley is pictured answering a pink old-fashioned rotary phone on the front of a hoodie that sells for a grand total of $60

Hey there, can I speak to Miley? That’s the concept of a hoodie featuring an image of the singer answering a vintage rotary phone in a bright pink color. The price tag for this item is $60.

Seen from the back: A $50 hoodie on the merch site reads: 'I LOVE MY P**** THAT MEANS I GOT CATTITUDE' on the front, a nod to her She Is Coming duet with RuPaul

On the merchandise website, there is a hoodie priced at $50 which features a message on the back that says: ‘I have cattitude because I love my p****’, referring to Miley Cyrus’ collaboration with RuPaul named She Is Coming.

Pay it forward: The back of this same hoodie reads: 'CA$H MONEY GET IT GET IT'

The reverse side of this hoodie has the words ‘CA$H MONEY GET IT GET IT’ and is also imprinted with the concept of paying it forward.

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