“Miley Cyrus Tries to Keep a Low Profile During Breakfast with Liam Hemsworth in Byron Bay”

Despite being spotted together on a number of occasions, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have not yet confirmed that they are back together. The couple were seen out on Saturday, with Miley trying to keep low-key by covering her face with a black handbag as they left a restaurant in Byron Bay after enjoying breakfast with Liam’s older brother Chris and his family.

Nothing to see here! Miley Cyrus attempted to hide her face behind a bucket handbag as she made her way out of a restaurant with Liam Hemsworth in Byron Bay 

Miley Cyrus was spotted leaving a restaurant with Liam Hemsworth in Byron Bay while attempting to conceal her face using a bucket handbag. Despite her icy blonde locks peeking out from the accessory, Miley kept her gaze fixed on the ground as she followed Liam to their car. Dressed casually in a denim shirt, matching shorts and white sneakers, the 23-year-old looked relaxed. Liam sported board shorts, a t-shirt, and a trucker hat, complete with a pair of sunglasses as they navigated the car park. Discover more news about Miley Cyrus as she enjoys a day out with Liam Hemsworth in Byron Bay.

Low profile: The 23-year-old opted for a denim shirt and denim shorts for the casual outing 

Keeping it simple, the young adult chose to wear a denim shirt paired with denim shorts for their relaxed outing.

Relaxed: The singer was seen relaxing with the Hemsworths as they enjoyed a spot of brunch

In a laid-back moment, the artist was spotted unwinding with the Hemsworth family while indulging in a delicious brunch.

Close: Liam was seen sitting with his hand brushing the singer's back as they whiled away the afternoon with other family members

Liam was spotted chilling with the songstress, casually brushing his hand against her back while they relaxed with other relatives during their afternoon hangout.

Doting: Liam held the door of a car open for Miley as she climbed inside before the family drove away 

Liam showed his affection towards Miley by holding the car door open for her before they departed from a family brunch with his brother Chris and sister-in-law Elsa Pataky, along with their children. Recently, Miley was seen enjoying a shopping spree with Elsa at Spell And The Gypsy Collective, which is one of Elsa’s preferred stores. Rumors about Liam and Miley getting back together started circulating when she was seen spending time with him in Australia during the holiday season, after calling off their engagement in 2013.

Casual: The 26-year-old opted for board shorts and flip flops for the low-key outing

Informal: During the laid-back occasion, the 26-year-old person decided to wear board shorts and thong sandals.

Style: Miley stuck to an all-denim outfit, adding some sneakers and a black handbag to her look 

Miley Cyrus opted for a complete denim ensemble, paired with sneakers and a black handbag to complete her style.

Off we go: The singer seemed determined not to reveal her face as she followed her rumoured fiance out of the restaurant 

Let’s hit the road: The artist appeared to be adamant about concealing her identity as she trailed behind her alleged partner, exiting the eatery.

Hungry work: The do joined Chris's family at the eatery for a quiet Saturday morning breakfast 

Feeling famished, the do tagged along with Chris’s family as they headed to a local eatery for a leisurely Saturday morning meal.

Comfort: Miley stuck with some slide on sneakers for the casual breakfast 

Miley opted for a pair of slip-on sneakers to keep things comfy during her laid-back breakfast.

Sharp-eyed followers spotted the former couple spending time together at the Falls Festival in Byron Bay and were seen hanging out in the coastal town. Miley was even seen sporting her engagement ring from Liam which he had given her in 2012, and posted several selfies on Instagram. Despite this, Liam tried to downplay any wedding rumors during an appearance on Studio 10, claiming that there was ‘no news’ about his relationship status. He also told TV Week that he was ‘not engaged’.

At home: Chris is often seen spending time in the coastal town with his famous brother 

In his residence, Chris is frequently spotted hanging out in the seaside city with his well-known sibling.

Understated: The Hunger Games star wore a simple grey t-shirt and some shorts for the outing

Understated: The Hunger Games star wore a simple grey t-shirt and some shorts for the outing

Casual: During the excursion, the lead actress of The Hunger Games sported a plain gray t-shirt and shorts for her attire.

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