Miley Cyrus Spotted Puffing on a Marijuana Stick during MTV EMAs

During the MTV EMAs on Sunday, Miley Cyrus gave in to temptation and was caught smoking a joint on stage while also twerking with a dwarf.

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During a space-themed music show in Amsterdam, the 20-year-old pop star Miley Cyrus won Best Video for her popular song “Wrecking Ball.” The event was attended by notable performers such as Eminem and Katy Perry. Cyrus began the show with her hit “We Can’t Stop,” wearing a silver spandex suit and twerking in the general direction of her female dance partner. She concluded the performance by sticking out her tongue, much like she did during her controversial appearance at MTV’s Video Music Awards in New York a few months prior. At the end of the show, Cyrus celebrated her win by lighting up a large marijuana joint and taking a quick puff.

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Even though marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands, individuals caught possessing small amounts of it cannot be prosecuted. Furthermore, it is conveniently sold in cafes called “coffee shops.” Miley Cyrus, who has shed her innocent image from her days as “Hannah Montana,” has been openly expressing her fondness for Amsterdam’s attractions. Prior to her performance at the EMAs, she spent time at the Greenhouse coffee shop with other celebrities. During her performance of “Wrecking Ball,” she wore earphones adorned with marijuana leaf emblems, singing against a video screen of herself crying. The EMAs typically focus on global pop music acts rather than those from the United States, although there is significant overlap. Bruno Mars won Best Song for “Locked Out of Heaven,” while Eminem took home awards in the Best Hip Hop and Global Icon categories.

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The U.S. is set to re-air the space-themed show later today. In addition, Katy Perry won the Best Female Artist award. She was surprised by the win, and even spewed out some champagne before going onstage to express her gratitude towards her fans. Earlier in the program, Perry gave an outstanding performance where she floated in mid-air while sporting a dazzling mirrored outfit that reflected green lasers while belting out “Unconditional.”

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Eminem has recently launched his latest album after a few years of hiatus, and his recent performance of the song “Rap God” suggests that he still possesses incredible rap skills. The rapper’s exceptional ability to deliver rapid-fire lyrics was on full display. During the ceremony, actor Will Ferrell, portraying the character of Ron Burgundy from the film “Anchorman,” presented Eminem with the Global Icon award. He also informed Eminem that Dutch DJ Afrojack had been speaking ill of him behind his back. Eminem reacted nonchalantly, saying “Who?” in a calm tone.

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