Miley Cyrus Shows Off Toned Midriff in Sporty Attire for Lunch Outing

It is widely known that Miley Cyrus enjoys being the center of attention, and she certainly didn’t disappoint when she used a quick lunch run as an opportunity to flaunt her toned physique. The 22-year-old singer was spotted in Los Angeles grabbing some takeout while sporting a sports bra and hotpants. Watch the video below for more.

Stepping it up! Miley Cyrus was spotted on Tuesday picking up some food to go in Los Angeles wearing nothing but hotpants and a sports bra

On Tuesday, Miley Cyrus was spotted in Los Angeles grabbing some takeout food while sporting a casual look. The singer wore hotpants and a sports bra, with her short hair styled in a topknot and no visible makeup. She completed the look with blue canvas shoes, dark sunglasses, and her belly button piercing on display above her Nike exercise shorts.

Short story: The pop queen looked to have gone make-up free for the outing as she wore her short locks in a topknot

Short story: The pop queen looked to have gone make-up free for the outing as she wore her short locks in a topknot

During her recent outing, the beloved queen appeared to have no makeup on and chose a simple topknot hairstyle with her short hair.

Cool customer: Completing her attire was a set of blue canvas shoes and a set of dark sunglasses

She looked incredibly fashionable as she completed her outfit with a pair of blue canvas sneakers and stylish dark shades.

Belly important: The singer's belly button piercing was also on display just above her Nike exercise shorts

The singer’s belly button piercing was clearly visible above her Nike workout shorts, which was an interesting detail. In 2013, she gave a memorable performance twerking alongside Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards, and this year, she will be hosting the event. Miley announced the news with a fun and quirky post on social media, featuring an image of her dressed in a green alien suit and holding up signs. Despite not being allowed to perform, Miley is excited to take on the role of host for this year’s VMAs.

Cooling off: The star looked to be trying to fend off the heat

The famous individual seemed to be trying to get away from the blazing hot temperatures.

Jogging it off! The pop star had a skip in her step

Bouncing away! The well-known singer appeared to be in high spirits. In the previous year, Miley Cyrus had taken a homeless youth named Jesse Helt as her plus one and even sent him on stage to accept her Video Of The Year award for Wrecking Ball. Miley has confessed that she enjoys shocking people and is aware of her actions. She once stated, “I know I’m shocking you, but that is my intention.” Miley’s peculiar fashion choices, such as dressing up in a teddy bear suit, amuse her. Recently, she revealed her fascination with the concept of an adult baby.

Food to go: The star carried some lunch to go

The famous person decided to get some takeout and brought along some food for the road. In her statement, she expressed how strange and unusual it may seem for a baby to behave in such a manner, but there is still an eerie attraction to it. When she wears the teddy bear suit, she adopts the persona of a creepy yet seductive infant. However, she often forgets that the audience includes viewers from all around the globe, including families with children who may be watching the show.

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