“Miley Cyrus Rocks a Unique Look with Camo Sweatpants and Stripy Plush Jacket While Arriving at Newark Airport”

After promoting her latest single “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” in London alongside Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus headed back to the United States and was spotted arriving at Newark Airport on Sunday. The talented 26-year-old singer will be staying in New York for a few days more to continue promoting her music and getting ready for her appearance on the popular television show, Saturday Night Live.

Touched down: She's been promoting her new single Nothing Breaks like A Heart in London. But on Sunday it was back to the USA for Miley Cyrus who was snapped at Newark Airport

After promoting her latest single, “Nothing Breaks like A Heart”, in London, Miley Cyrus was spotted at Newark Airport on Sunday as she returned to the United States. She sported a black hoodie, camo sweatpants, and camo Converse sneakers, along with a striped plush jacket and a high ponytail. The singer seemed to be wearing little makeup except for a bright red lipstick. Prior to this, Cyrus shared a photo on social media of herself cozied up with Ronson on a couch, revealing that they were back in New York City.

Designer garb: She wore a black hoodie and camo sweatpants along with camo Converse sneakers. She added a striped plush jacket and wore her long hair in a high ponytail

Fashionable attire: She sported a black hoodie paired with camouflage sweatpants and comfy camo Converse sneakers. To add some flair, she layered a plush striped jacket and styled her lengthy tresses into a sleek high ponytail.

Team work: The 26-year-old will spend the coming days in New York continuing to plug her music with collaborator Mark Ronson

Collaboration is key for the 26-year-old pop star who is set to remain in New York for the next few days to promote her music alongside Mark Ronson. Miley shared a clip on her social media accounts displaying her impressive strut, donning a sleek black outfit. With a hand confidently placed on her hip and her hair flowing behind her, she showcases her style in a turtleneck, fur-trimmed shorts, tights, and heeled boots.

The walk: Miley also posted a video clip to Instagram and Twitter showing her strutting her stuff down a wood-floor corridor

Miley shared a clip of herself taking a leisurely stroll down a wooden hallway on her Instagram and Twitter pages.

Moves: She posed for the camera with her hand on her hip

Actions: With one hand resting confidently on her hip, she struck a pose for the camera.

Captured on video, the vocalist was sporting a high-necked sweater matched with fur-lined shorts, tights, and heeled boots. Her tresses cascaded down her back as she strutted around. The singer is determined to promote her latest single without delay. Recently, she posted a provocative image on her Instagram Stories, baring her top half while covering her chest with her hands. She posed next to an untidy bed in black trousers and a plethora of gold jewelry. The picture was captioned with the title of her new song.

Promotional: On Friday, Miley  shared a topless photo showing her covering her breasts with her hands as she posed on the edge of an unmade bed in black pants and lots of gold jewelry

Miley caused a stir on Friday when she posted a picture of herself topless, with her hands covering her breasts. The background showed an unmade bed, while Miley rocked black pants and lots of gold jewelry.

Talented! She plugged her single in the UK performing Nothing Breaks Like A Heart with Ronson on the Graham Norton Show

Impressive! She showcased her musical prowess in the UK by performing her single Nothing Breaks Like A Heart alongside Ronson on the popular TV show, Graham Norton.

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