Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour: The Most Outrageous Outfits You’ll Ever See

Miley Cyrus debuted her highly anticipated “Bangerz” tour in Vancouver last week, and it definitely lived up to the hype. The 21-year-old pop princess and her stylist Simone Harouche presented an eclectic ensemble that resembled a circus act, featuring a roster of high-fashion designers from the Blondes to Marc Jacobs. The stage props were anything but ordinary, with coordinating props and costumes that included a yellow fur jacket and a white sequin suit. It’s safe to say that Miley rocks some seriously unique ensembles on her tour.

Hey there, is that you Big Bird? Nope, just Miley being Miley. The singer of “Wrecking Ball” covered up her cross underboob-baring unitard with a furry yellow coat perfect for “Sesame Street.” She paired it with cannabis leaf-patterned tights and dollar sign cowboy boots.

Miley showed off her membership to the cannabis community by bouncing on top of a vintage gold metallic cutlass adorned with a leafy green cannabis leopard design created by the Blondes. The emerald-encrusted number was accessorized with a small Chanel backpack and white rodeo-ready cowboy boots. She completed the look with Olympic two-piece with bird feather shoulders.

The Winter Olympics could have been Millie’s moment to shine, as she made her way to the stage in all of her figure skating glory. She wore a red jewel-embellished two-piece outfit, a small white Chanel pocket, and the same white cowboy boots. Her black and white furry zebra chaps completed the striking ensemble.

During a segment of the show, she took her screaming teenage fans on a wild safari via her pants. To pay homage to her country singer roots, the singer wore a loud pair of furry black and white chaps, a sparkly black bra top, and bejeweled black gloves. This occurred while she was partying in the USA.

Miley Cyrus returned to her old crossover urban hit wearing an American flag-inspired sequined leotard designed by her stylist. She also rocked a platinum wig and busted false teeth, complete with one shiny gold front tooth. It was a chic look. In other news, there was a hot dog at the ballpark.

Who wouldn’t love a big, furry canine companion to snuggle with? And how about getting two dogs for the price of one? That would be quite the deal!

At this point, Miley Cyrus had clearly grown tired of backstage changes. To make it easier on herself, she offered a 2-for-1 in a sparkly, red-and-white leotard and a matching skirt. Obviously feeling too covered up, she stripped down to reveal a heart-shaped rhinestone bottom. It’s like Mini Britney Spears hits the stage.

During Britney Spears’ Vegas concert residency, Miley was in the front and center audience. She paid homage to Spears by having a little person strut across the stage wearing a Spears mask. Her outfit consisted of a skin-tight red leotard reminiscent of Britney’s “Oops, I Did It Again” video. Cyrus paired the look with a backward cap.

After making countless wardrobe changes from different designers, Cyrus decided to go with her own style – a unique 3D tongue wagging outfit. Miley showcased her individuality with a tongue slide.

Andrew Chin of FilmMagic shares about Miley’s unforgettable entrance. She couldn’t simply walk onto the stage. Instead, she slid down a tongue-wagging slide projected on a screen to reveal her infamous grin. Leather-clad Miley chats with the Bangz on the back.

After giving Britney Spears some attention, it was only fair that Miley Cyrus did the same for Christina Aguilera. Miley showed off her name on her leg and tour on her bum while getting down and “Dirty” in a pair of red-and-leather chaps. She rocked a black gothic gown later on.

Being the center of attention in a high-fashion campaign certainly has its advantages. The musician gracefully wore a Marc Jacobs couture gown for a slower set.

At this moment, things just took a turn for the bizarre. She decided to “serenade” a fake Bill Clinton while pretending to engage in a sexual act. Handbags.

Purses, purses everywhere! It’s unclear what Miley was packing in those things. Photo credits go to Kevin Mazur/WireImage (2) and Splash News.

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