“Kim Kardashian’s Booty Makeover: Recreating Bo Derek’s Iconic Shoot with Professional Help”

Kim Kardashian made sure to leave no stone unturned when she recreated Bo Derek’s iconic beach scene. The reality star, who has had disappointing bikini shots in the past, employed a team of professionals to make sure her body looked its best on the Malibu beach. With her hair in braids and wearing a bikini, Kim paid tribute to Bo’s unforgettable look from the classic 1979 comedy, 10.

We're going to need another bottle! Kim Kardashian's assistant spritzes her behind with make-up as she poses on the beach in Malibu while recreating Bo Derek's iconic look from the 1979 film

Looks like Kim Kardashian needs more makeup! Her assistant was seen spraying her behind while she posed on the beach in Malibu, paying homage to Bo Derek’s legendary look from the 1979 film.

Dream team: As she stood on the sand, assistants buzzed around, primping and dressing an amiable Kim

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The perfect crew: Kim was enjoying the beach, surrounded by helpers who were fussing over her appearance, fixing her hair and outfit.

Don't smudge the make-up! Her stylist Danielle Levi was tasked with making sure Kim's bikini looked just right, carefully rearranging the two-piece as Kim went topless for some shots

Be careful not to mess up the makeup! Kim’s stylist Danielle Levi had the job of ensuring that Kim’s bikini was in perfect position, adjusting the two-piece carefully as Kim posed topless for a few snaps.

Careful now: The reality star steps out of her outfit in the ocean waves

Be cautious: The celebrity leaves her attire while standing in the waves of the ocean.

On the beach, Kim was surrounded by her team of assistants who were busy preparing her for a photo shoot. A make-up assistant worked diligently to ensure that Kim’s well-known curvy derriere looked flawless. He crouched down and applied make-up to her behind with great care while Kim patiently waited. Meanwhile, a female dresser adjusted Kim’s bikini to make sure it was picture-perfect. Kim even went topless for some shots, so the dresser made sure everything was in place.

Toweling off: Kim is seen drying herself after being caught in the waves during the shoot

Kim is captured on camera, drying herself with a towel after getting caught in the waves during the photoshoot.

Soft focus: Kim revealed her silver corn rows on Sunday in a Snapchat post - causing a stir amongst fans

Rear view: The reality star is known for her curvy figure, which she keeps in shape by working out with a personal trainer

In a recent post on Snapchat, Kim surprised her admirers by revealing her new silver corn rows. The unexpected hairdo caused quite a buzz amongst her followers.

Feeling dissatisfied: The woman, who is 37 years old, has expressed her discontent with photographs of herself taken during her beach trips. In fact, she even accused the photographer of editing a set of pictures captured around the same time last year, which was promptly refuted by the photographer.

As Kim prepared for her photo shoot, a photographer patiently waited while the finishing touches were made. A videographer was also present, likely filming for the Kardashian family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Although some may view the efforts put into capturing the perfect Instagram shot as excessive, it’s understandable given Kim’s attention to detail. In the past, the 37-year-old has expressed disappointment with beach photos of herself and even questioned whether one set of images from a year ago had been retouched, which the photographer vehemently denied.

Spot the difference: Kim did her best to recreate the Bo's iconic fantasy scene

Spot the difference: Kim did her best to recreate the Bo's iconic fantasy scene

Can you tell the difference? Kim put in a lot of effort to replicate the famous fantasy scene from Bo’s masterpiece.

It takes a village: The team walk beside Kim during the shoot; other beach goers can be seen in the background

Kim had a supportive team by her side during her latest photoshoot, proving that it truly takes a village. With the help of her expert professionals, Kim made sure to look her absolute best. This dedication to detail was even evident in her outfit choice – while her companion Bo opted for a revealing gold bikini, Kim went with a more contemporary white version. However, she did stick with the original hairstyle for authenticity’s sake. The shoot took place on a beach, and other beach-goers can be seen in the background.

Taking a dip! Kim braved the waves in search of the perfect Instagram

Kim ventured into the ocean to capture the ideal Instagram shot. She fearlessly took a swim in the waves.

On her knees: Kim struck a pose as the waves rolled in on the sunny California day

Kim got into position on her knees, striking a pose as the waves gently rolled in on a beautiful day in California.

Caught out: An unexpected wave splashed Kim, and left her photographer jumping to safety to protect his equipment

Kim experienced an unexpected moment when a wave caught her off guard, causing her photographer to quickly jump out of harm’s way to safeguard his equipment.

The one: Kim was happy with this shot - she later posted her copy of this image to Instagram

Kim captured a perfect moment and was pleased with the outcome. She decided to share her version of the photo on Instagram.

And without the top: While Bo wore a skimpy gold string bikini for 10, Kim wore a more modern white version for her shoot, although she followed the original when it came to her hair

Rewritten: Bo and Kim both sported gold and white bikinis respectively for their shoots, with Kim sticking to the original hairstyle. However, in a recent Snapchat post, Kim showed off silver corn rows, which caused a stir among her followers. Some fans were angered by her referring to them as ‘Bo Derek braids’, accusing her of cultural appropriation and disrespect. One fan expressed their annoyance by stating that they were still peeved at Kim for calling the braids ‘Bo Derek’ braids.

No maternity leave here! The working mother was born photographed and filmed for Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Maternity leave seems to be a foreign concept for this celebrity mother! She was literally born in the public eye, constantly photographed and featured on the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Idyllic: The photoshoot took place on the beautiful white sands of Malibu

The shoot was set against the stunning backdrop of Malibu’s pristine white beaches.

Just a casual post: The reality star poses as her four-strong team looks on 

A lighthearted update: The famous personality strikes a pose while being watched by her team of four.

In shape: Kim welcomed baby number three earlier this month but since she used a gestational carrier, she doesn't have to worry about losing any pregnancy weight

Kim recently became a mother for the third time, but through gestational surrogacy. This means that she won’t have to worry about losing any pregnancy weight.

Daring: Kim went topless on the public beach in a bid to get the perfect shot for social media

Boldly, Kim Kardashian bared her chest in a crowded beach to capture the ideal photo for social media. In response to her latest snap, one follower criticized her for referring to her hair as Bo Derek braids instead of cornrows. However, supporters came to her defense and argued that people were overreacting to a lighthearted post. Another fan pointed out that there was nothing wrong with Kim sporting braids and urged others to stop creating issues where there are none.

Fluffy footwear: The social media star wore a pair of mules for the beach outing

The popular influencer sported a trendy set of comfy shoes during her recent beach excursion, flaunting her fluffy mules for the perfect summer look.

It's a wrap: Kim threw on a toweling robe for her climb back up the cliff

Kim put on a cozy bathrobe as she made her way back up the steep cliff. The adventure was over and it was time to relax.

All finished: Kim heads back up the cliff in a pair of slippers, taking an intrepid route back to the car

Kim successfully finished her climb and made her way back to the car, bravely traversing the cliff in a pair of slippers. Despite some negative comments about her braids, others complimented her new look and Kim didn’t seem to care either way. She declared that she gave zero cares and her sister Khloe praised her for her confidence. Kim even shared several pictures on Instagram showcasing her braids, including one where she opened her fur coat to reveal a bare breast and tiny underwear.

The final article: After her busy day at the beach, Kim posted this shot to Instagram, captioning it: 'Straight from the polaroid'

Following her eventful day at the shore, Kim shared a snapshot on her Instagram account and wrote: ‘Captured on the Polaroid’.

And the original: Bo Derek poses on the beach in her 1979 breakout movie 10

In the 1979 film 10, Bo Derek made her memorable debut by posing on the sandy shores.

And in black and white: Kim's team all worked to create this image of the reality star, which she captioned 'Bo West'

Kim’s team collaborated to create a stunning image of the reality star, which she named ‘Bo West’ and shared in black and white. The celeb also posed in a semi-sheer white button-down top that became even more transparent when wet. Kim looked alluring with heavy eye makeup and appeared to enjoy the photoshoot. In one picture, she leaned on her bed and captured Polaroids from her beach session. However, fans got a glimpse of her sunburned backside wearing a G-string. While Kim welcomed her third child this month, she doesn’t have to worry about shedding post-pregnancy weight as she used a surrogate to deliver daughter Chicago. Kim opted for gestational carrier due to complications during her previous pregnancies with North, four, and Saint, two.

Naked lady: The Selfish author also took to Instagram to share several images with the braids. One saw her opening her fur coat to reveal a bare breast and a tiny pair of undies as she looked down

The author of Selfish, who is known for her unique style, recently posted multiple photos on Instagram featuring her braids. In one of the pictures, she can be seen opening up her fur coat to expose a single breast and a tiny pair of undergarments while casting her gaze downwards.

Kim with a wet shirt

And when the top was dry

There were a couple more photos of her that portrayed her in a transparent white button-up blouse, which became even more see-through when wet. She had dark eye makeup on and appeared to be enjoying the photo shoot.

Another view: Then the TV diva leaned down on her bed to take photos of her Polaroids from her beach shoot. In doing so the sister of Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie gave fans a good look at her sunburned bottom as she wore a G-string

Alternate perspective: Later, the popular television personality settled down onto her bed to capture some snapshots of her Polaroids from a recent beach session. While doing so, she inadvertently gave her followers a glimpse of her sunburnt backside as she sported a G-string. For those who follow her family dynamics closely, it’s worth noting that she is the sibling of Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie.

And it doesn't stop! The wife of Kanye West called herself 'BO WEST,' left, and shared a backside shot, right

And it doesn't stop! The wife of Kanye West called herself 'BO WEST,' left, and shared a backside shot, right

The unstoppable trend continues as the better half of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, nicknamed herself ‘BO WEST’ and posted a photo flaunting her rear end.

Calling it a day: Lastly Kim was seen in her fur coat and grey socks as she chatted on the phone while looking at her cell phone. Her caption for this read, 'Hi, can I get zero f****s please, thanks'

As the day came to an end, Kim was spotted wearing a cozy fur coat and comfy grey socks while having a conversation on her phone and scrolling through it. Her amusing caption accompanying the photo was a request for zero cares given.

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