“Kim Kardashian Makes a Splash in Eye-Catching Swimsuit as She Flaunts Post-Baby Body”

On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian made a stunning announcement that she had lost weight and dropped to 139 lbs. Even better, she showed off her curvaceous post-pregnancy body in a bathing suit for the first time since giving birth to her son Saint five months ago. The 35-year-old mother-of-two looked incredibly sexy in a plunging black one-piece as she enjoyed the waters of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland during sister Kourtney’s 37th birthday celebration. You can watch the video below.

Hi there, gorgeous! Kim Kardashian made heads turn as she showed off her post-baby figure in a swimsuit during a visit to The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa in Iceland with her sister Kourtney and friends. Aptly nicknamed the ‘snap back queen’ by her sister Khloe, Kim has demonstrated her incredible ability to regain her pre-pregnancy physique after the births of both her three-year-old daughter, North, and five-month-old son, Saint. The mother-of-two was photographed alongside her assistant, wearing a white robe that partially covered her ample cleavage. Her long black hair hung loosely over her shoulders while her make-up was perfectly applied in natural shades. Kim allowed the robe to slip at one point, revealing her stunning hourglass figure to the camera.

Slimmed down: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star announced earlier on Wednesday that she now weighed an impressive 139 lbs with only four more pounds to go before reaching her target weight of 135 lbs

After shedding some pounds, the famous celebrity from Keeping Up With The Kardashians shared exciting news on Wednesday. She proudly revealed that she had reached an impressive weight of 139 lbs, and was only a few pounds away from achieving her desired goal of 135 lbs.

Standing pretty: Kim didn't hold back as she showcased her toned hourglass figure in the very deep-cut black one-piece

Kim confidently displayed her well-toned hourglass body in a revealing black one-piece suit, leaving no room for hesitation or modesty.

Always time for selfies: Kim displayed her plentiful cleavage while taking selfies with her assistant Stephanie Sheppard

Kim never misses an opportunity for a good selfie. She recently shared some photos with her assistant Stephanie Sheppard, where she showed off her ample cleavage.

Swimming in Iceland: The mother-of-two was thoroughly enjoying the geothermal spa which is one of Iceland's most visited spots

While in Iceland, Kim had the opportunity to experience the popular Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. As a mother-of-two and almost at her target weight of 135 lbs, Kim enjoyed the warm waters of the lagoon, ditching her wrap and piling her hair atop her head. Alongside her assistant Stephanie Sheppard, also in a black bathing suit, Kim took numerous selfies to document her fun in the water. The Blue Lagoon is a highly sought-after destination in Iceland, and Kim seemed to thoroughly enjoy her time there.

Prepared for the big reveal: At first, Kim emerged with a white robe draped over her black swimsuit.

Keeping watch? Kim adjusted her skimpy outfit while Kanye West looked on from the sidelines

Are you on guard duty? Kim made some adjustments to her revealing attire while Kanye West observed from the sidelines.

Snap! Kim can't wait to show off her famous curves in her first post pregnancy shoot and also is shown eight months pregnant  in October 2015 in Los Angeles

Two months to go! Kim attends the InStyle Awards in October 2015

Kim is excited to flaunt her well-known figure in her upcoming photo shoot after giving birth. She was also seen in Los Angeles in October 2015, eight months pregnant.

I swim in peace: Kim displayed a double peace sign for a picture while Kourtney the birthday girl waded by

As the birthday celebration was underway, Kourtney stood in the water while Kim posed for a snapshot with a two-fingered peace gesture. It seemed as though the moment was serene and peaceful for both sisters.

Just chilling: Kim clutched her camera phone and enjoyed a cool beverage at one point

Just chilling: Kim clutched her camera phone and enjoyed a cool beverage at one point

Kim was in a relaxed state, holding her camera phone while sipping on a refreshing drink.

Forgot your Speedos? Kanye enjoys the action from the sidelines

Did you happen to leave your Speedos at home? Although Kanye didn’t take a plunge into the soothing waters of the hot spring, he appeared to appreciate the picturesque scenery nonetheless.

This is fun: Kim appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself as the selfie taking session continued

It’s quite entertaining to watch as Kim revels in every moment of the selfie-taking spree.

Pucker up: The reality star got flirty and blew a kiss at the camera

Get ready to pucker up because this celeb just got a little playful and sent a flirty kiss towards the camera.

Friends: Kim drew Kourtney, Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck in for a photo opportunity while her assistant clicked away

Kim had some fun with her pals Kourtney, Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck when she decided to take some pictures while her assistant captured the moment. The group was having a great time together on their excursion. Jonathan also enjoyed some relaxation as he received a green mask treatment on his face, shoulders and back. He was all smiles as he floated in the water on his back. Meanwhile, Kim was seen sipping on a refreshing iced beverage by the dock, which gave her skin a radiant glow.

Getting giddy: Mrs. Kanye West couldn't contain the giggles as she posed with her pals

Mrs. Kanye West was caught on camera getting playful with her friends, unable to hold back her laughter during their photo session.

How do I look? Kim made sure the images were all to her liking while Kourtney hovered nearby

“Checking myself out! Kim carefully inspected the photos while Kourtney stood close by.”

Best face forward: The social media butterfly appeared to be pleased with what she saw

Looking good: The individual active on social media seemed content with their appearance.

Swimming with the Kardashians: Kourtney led the pack as the group waded around the famed Blue Lagoon

The Kardashian clan recently made a splash during their trip to Iceland, with Kourtney taking the lead as they explored the famous Blue Lagoon. As the reason for the trip, Kourtney seemed to relish in the attention while soaking up to her chest and sipping on a drink. Nevertheless, Kim’s curves definitely caught some eyes and possibly stole some of the spotlight. It’s worth noting that just last month, Kim shared that she had lost 42 out of the 60 pounds she gained during her pregnancy with her son, Saint.

It's her birthday: Kourtney's birthday trip to Iceland this month included a sight-seeing excursion to a glacier and a visit to see the majestic Gullfoss Waterfall along with the therapeutic swim in the Blue Lagoon

Kourtney recently celebrated her birthday with a trip to Iceland, which was packed with exciting activities. Among these were a breathtaking tour of a glacier and a visit to the stunning Gullfoss Waterfall. Additionally, she enjoyed a relaxing and rejuvenating dip in the Blue Lagoon, which is known for its therapeutic properties.

That's one way to warm up: The now 37-year-old mother-of-three found the perfect spot to warm up 

Here’s a creative way to get cozy: A mother of three who is currently 37 discovered the ideal spot for warming up.

She can afford privacy: The lagoon was said to be closed off so Kourtney could swim with her party of pals in relative peace

Kourtney was able to enjoy some privacy during her swim with friends in the lagoon, as it was reportedly closed off for their use.

What's under here? Kourtney ventured under bridge with a big smile

With a cheerful grin on her face, Kourtney bravely ventured under the bridge to see what lay hidden below.

Nice night for a soak: Kim held onto her iced water while soaking up to the waist in warm water

What a lovely evening for a dip! Kim savored her chilled water while submerging herself halfway into the comforting warmth of the bath.

Double the fun: The curvy brunette reached for a bubbly strawberry beverage

Twice the enjoyment: The voluptuous brown-haired woman grabbed a fizzy strawberry drink.

Cheers: Kourtney and pal Simon Huck enjoyed a friendly toast

Kourtney and her friend Simon Huck raised their glasses for a friendly cheers.

Nothing but the best: The gang appeared to be sipping Champagne judging by the bottles sitting on ice behind them

Only the finest: From the bottles of Champagne on ice in their midst, it appeared that the group was enjoying quite the luxurious experience. Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat on Wednesday to share her excitement about reaching a svelte 139 lbs. The short clip featured only her wiggling bare feet stepping onto the digital scale, which revealed the impressive number. Considering that she gave birth to her second child just over four months ago, this is quite an accomplishment.

Best birthday ever: Kourtney flashed a happy grin while enjoying the health benefits the Blue Lagoon had to offer

Kourtney had an amazing birthday experience as she enjoyed the numerous health benefits that the Blue Lagoon had to offer. She was elated and her happiness was evident from the huge grin on her face.

It'll make your skin glow: Jonathan Cheban got a VIP mask treatment

Want to achieve a radiant skin? You might want to try out the VIP mask treatment that Jonathan Cheban recently got. This beauty regimen promises to leave your skin glowing like never before.

Man behind the mask: The Kardashian's BFF stood still while another lagoon employee coated his back and shoulders with the green stuff

The person hidden under the mask: A friend of the Kardashians remained motionless as a worker from the lagoon applied the green substance on his shoulders and back.

The look of glee: Jonathan sat back and relaxed on an inflatable float

Jonathan was enjoying a comfortable ride on a floating inflatable as Kim expressed her joy in a caption, exclaiming that she had finally reached her pre-baby weight of 135 lbs. Her elation was evident as she had only four more pounds to reach her target weight. Clearly, Kim’s slim and toned figure is a result of her hard work, dedication, and sore muscles.

Spreading the news: Kim happily shared earlier on Wednesday that she's dropped down to an impressive 139 lbs via Snapchat and added, 'YOU GUYS!!!! PRE BABY WEIGHT WAS 135!!!!!'

Kim took to Snapchat to share some exciting news on Wednesday – she’s lost weight and is now down to an impressive 139 lbs. She even went on to reveal that her pre-baby weight was 135 lbs, leaving fans in awe of her determination and progress.

Just four more pounds to go: Kim was hard at work to sweat off those final four pounds as she shared a Snapchat of her intense sprint workout on Wednesday

Kim was giving it her all in her attempt to lose the last four pounds. She shared a Snapchat of her highly intense sprint workout on Wednesday.

Working those thighs and glutes: The star proved that there's no gain without some pain as she did some side lateral exercises

In her latest Snapchat post, the fabulous Kim Kardashian proved that she’s willing to experience a little bit of discomfort in order to achieve her fitness goals. The reality TV star shared a video of herself hitting the pavement for some sprinting and doing side lateral exercises. Though she was visibly out of breath, Kim looked amazing in her outfit, which consisted of black capri leggings and trainers that showed off her famous curves. Recently, Kim has been relying on bootcamp-style workouts, combined with a healthy diet, to help her lose weight and maintain a toned physique.

'Walking it out': Kim got a chance to catch her breath as she slowed down to a steady walk

Taking a leisurely stroll: Kim took a moment to relax and catch her breath, gradually slowing down to a comfortable walking pace.

Here's the payoff: The social media butterfly enjoyed a 'morning snuggle' with her nearly five-month-old son Saint and shared it on Snapchat

The social media influencer, Kim Kardashian, posted a heartwarming snap of snuggling with her almost five-month-old baby, Saint. She is known for following the Atkins diet, which allows her to consume 1,800 calories a day, mainly consisting of protein and vegetables. Her nutritionist, Colette Heimowitz, revealed that there are certain foods that Kim must avoid, such as sugar, sweets, white flour, white rice, cakes, and crackers. According to Heimowitz, Kim prefers to have strict guidelines to prevent any setback in her progress.

Close fit: The raven-haired beauty looked like a million bucks in black lace and silk as she arrived to pal David Grutman's wedding last week in Miami with Kanye

The stunning woman with black hair looked absolutely fabulous in her attire of black lace and silk as she attended the wedding of her friend David Grutman in Miami last week with Kanye. Kim, on the other hand, has achieved an incredible body transformation and recently got a new hairstyle that was done by North and one of her little friends. The proud mom posted a Snapchat clip of the adorable video where the two young girls styled her long hair with pink plastic tools. In the clip, Kim can be seen in a white robe with her hair looking slightly untidy around her shoulders. The patient mom did not even flinch as the two girls pulled up strands of her hair and teased them in different ways. Kim stated to the camera that she had just hired a new glam team and asked what everyone thought of her new look. She suggested that individuals seeking to maintain their weight loss goals should find out how much they can tolerate of certain things in moderation without going overboard.

Pregnant pause: The reality star showcased her burgeoning bump in November about a month before giving birth to her second child, son Saint

The pregnant celebrity took a momentary pause to flaunt her growing belly back in November, just a few weeks before welcoming her second child, a baby boy named Saint.

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