“Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Curves in a Scandalous Corset Top and Leggings During a Family Outing in Miami”

Kim Kardashian turned heads in Miami Beach over the weekend with her bold fashion choice of an ultra-low-cut white corset. The 35-year-old reality star flaunted her post-pregnancy curves in the unique ensemble, which included a tummy-flattening bodice, cropped leggings, and off-the-shoulder batwing sleeves. Clearly still shedding the pounds after giving birth to son Saint in November 2015, Kim looked noticeably slimmer and was accompanied by her sister Kourtney. Click below to watch the video.

Mama mia! Kim Kardashian showcased her curves in a very low-cut corset top as she stepped out in Miami on Saturday with sister Kourtney

Wow! Kim Kardashian flaunted her figure in a daringly low-cut corset top during her outing in Miami over the weekend, accompanied by her sister Kourtney.

Interesting look: Kim, 35, put her whole body on display in the outfit, in which the white corset was paired with matching cropped leggings and off-the-shoulder batwing sleeves

Kim Kardashian caught everyone’s attention with her latest outfit, which left little to the imagination. The 35-year-old reality star showed off her curvaceous figure in a white corset paired with cropped leggings and off-the-shoulder batwing sleeves. She complements her outfit with diamond stud earrings and high-heeled sandals. The mother of two was joined by her daughter North West, while her older sister Kourtney Kardashian brought along her daughter Penelope Disick. Despite the Southern Florida heat, Kim managed to keep her long raven locks loose and swept to one side while keeping her makeup light. Check out more of Kim Kardashian’s updates as she stuns in an incredibly low-cut corset.

Curvy: Kim's outfit was completely figure-hugging and perfectly showed off how she is regaining her pre-pregnancy figure with slimmer tummy and thighs but still voluptuous derriere

Kim looked stunning in her tight-fitting outfit that perfectly highlighted her curves. It was evident that she has been working hard to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape, with a noticeably slimmer tummy and thighs. However, her derriere remained as voluptuous as ever.

Sisters: Kim stepped out with sister Kourtney, 37, who carried her three-year-old daughter Penelope Disick

Kim went out for a stroll with her sibling Kourtney, who was accompanied by her adorable three-year-old daughter, Penelope Disick.

Dressed for sunshine: Kourtney was casually low-key in a tank top and frayed Daisy Dukes with chunky sandal heels. Penelope had on a colorful short-sleeved dress and both mom and daughter rocked Aviator shades

Kourtney and Penelope stepped out in style for a sunny day. Kourtney kept it casual with a simple tank top paired with frayed Daisy Dukes and chunky sandals. Meanwhile, Penelope showed off her vibrant style in a colorful short-sleeved dress. Both mother and daughter completed their look with stylish Aviator shades.

Busty momma: Kim was also seen during the outing carrying two-year-old daughter North West who wore her hair in a cute top knot

Kim, a mother with a curvaceous figure, was spotted carrying her adorable two-year-old daughter North West during their outing. North sported a cute top knot hairstyle during their time out.

Reality family: Little North seemed to have plenty to say to her mom as her happy-looking father and Kim's husband Kanye West followed behind

The Kardashian clan, including Kim, Kourtney, and their daughters, recently arrived in Miami, most likely for the wedding of David Grutman and Isabela Rangel. The family was spotted enjoying some shopping before the big event, with little North leading the way and chatting away to her mom while Kanye West trailed behind. Of course, the Kardashians always draw a crowd wherever they go, and South Beach was no exception as fans whipped out their phones to capture a glimpse of the reality TV stars.

Getting attention: Fans and tourists alike stopped to grab photos and video of the Kardashians as they stepped out for some retail therapy with Kim leading the way in her very eye-catching ensemble

Attracting quite a crowd, both fans and visitors halted to capture the moment as the Kardashians indulged in some shopping therapy. Kim, in particular, stood out with her striking outfit.

Said hello: The self-styled 'selfie queen' paused to take photos with fans as Kanye kept a loving arm protectively about his wife's waist

Greeted with a smile: The woman who calls herself the ‘selfie queen’ took a moment to snap pictures with her admirers while Kanye kept a caring hold around his wife’s midsection.

It's all cool: The rapper, 38, was unfazed by all the hoopla surrounding the family's shopping trip as he walked with his daughter

The rapper, aged 38, remained calm amidst the frenzy surrounding his family’s shopping expedition, strolling alongside his daughter. Along with the reality TV stars were Jonathan Cheban, Kim’s close friend, and Larsa Pippen, a television personality who also received wedding invitations. Kim’s spouse, Kanye West, arrived on Friday for the rehearsal dinner and was spotted with the group on Saturday, holding the hand of their young child, North. The devoted father contentedly walked behind the ensemble with his darling daughter, who sported a tank top and denim shorts.

Entourage: Also joining the Kardashians on the shopping trip was Kim's publicist BFF Jonathan Cheban, wearing a hammer and sickle black shirt with white pants and blue trainers

Accompanying the Kardashians during their shopping spree was their close friend and publicist, Jonathan Cheban, sporting a stylish black shirt with a hammer and sickle logo paired with white pants and blue sneakers.

Daddy duty: Kim's husband Kanye brought up the rear, holding hands with the couple's toddler North. The little girl wore denim shorts and a white tank top, while the rapper had on ripped jeans and patterned shirt

Kim’s partner, Kanye, was on daddy duty as he walked behind the family, holding hands with their young daughter North. The toddler looked adorable in denim shorts and a white top, while the rapper sported ripped jeans and a patterned shirt.

Fashion expedition: Kanye, who didn't seem to mind hanging out at the back of the entourage with his adorable two-year-old paused to wave at fans as they followed Kourtney into the trendy Webster boutique

Kanye was part of a fashion expedition with his cute two-year-old, and he didn’t seem to have any issues hanging out at the back of the group. As they made their way into the trendy Webster boutique, fans followed along and Kanye took a moment to wave at them.

Ready to party: Kanye flew in to join Kim and Kourtney on Friday evening for a busy weekend in the Florida vacation spot 

Kanye was all set to have a good time as he flew in to Florida to join Kim and Kourtney for a fun-filled weekend. He looked cheerful and waved at fans, sporting his signature style of very ripped jeans that showed off his legs, paired with a paint-splattered t-shirt. To complete his look, Kanye accessorized with a couple of chains around his neck and a luxurious gold watch on his left wrist. After going through high-end designer boutique Webster’s collection with Kim, he held hands with her and followed her out of the store.

In good spirits: The Life Of Pablo artist was seen laughing and smiling as he joined his family in the Sunshine State

Feeling happy: The musician behind The Life Of Pablo was spotted giggling and beaming as he united with his loved ones in Florida.

So in love: When they left the pricey clothing store, Kanye affectionately held his wife's hand as he let her lead the way

Head over heels: After leaving the expensive fashion shop, Kanye lovingly grasped his partner’s hand and allowed her to take the lead.

Third time's a charm: Kim wed her third husband in 2014 and together they have two children

Third time's a charm: Kim wed her third husband in 2014 and together they have two children

Kim tied the knot with her third spouse in 2014, and they are now blessed with two kids. Looks like everything fell into place perfectly this time around!

Her girl: Kourtney treated Penelope to a sweet treat as the shopping trip wore on in the trendy Art Deco neighborhood of South Beach

Kourtney treated her daughter, Penelope, to a delightful snack as they continued their shopping spree in the stylish Art Deco district of South Beach.

She's getting big: Kim confidently carried her growing toddler despite wearing very high heels but her flesh-colored Spanx were visible as her cropped tight leggings rode up her calves

She's getting big: Kim confidently carried her growing toddler despite wearing very high heels but her flesh-colored Spanx were visible as her cropped tight leggings rode up her calves

Kim was confidently carrying her growing toddler, despite the fact that she was wearing very high heels. However, her cropped tight leggings rode up her calves, revealing her flesh-colored Spanx. It was clear that her little one was getting bigger every day.

Invited to nuptials: The Kardashians and their pals including Larsa Pippen are in town for the wedding of Miami night club owner David Grutman to model Isabela Rangel and posed for this photo at the rehearsal dinner on Friday

The wedding bells are ringing as the Kardashians and their friends, including Larsa Pippen, gather in Miami for the nuptials of model Isabela Rangel and Miami nightclub owner David Grutman. The group happily posed for a photo at the rehearsal dinner on Friday.

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