“Jennifer Aniston unleashes her wildest side in new steamy movie”

Jennifer Aniston has gone all out for her latest movie role by shedding some clothes. The actress can be seen in new stills from the film Horrible Bosses wearing a doctor’s coat that is left open, revealing her toned body with just panties and silk stockings underneath. She is close to exposing her chest while flaunting her tanned and toned physique in this seductive uniform.

The female performer dons a revealing outfit to allure her employee, Dale Arbus. The male actor, Charlie Day, portrays Jennifer’s dental assistant who becomes a target of sexual harassment from his superior. When Dale enters her office, Jennifer stands up and reveals what she has concealed under her coat. This role is a departure from Jennifer’s typical girl-next-door characters. She recently shared that she could relate to her provocative character, who sensually eats an iced lolly, banana, and hotdog. According to FOX411’s Pop Tarts column, Jennifer believes that everyone has a little naughtiness in them, whether they admit it or not. She had a great time on set and thoroughly enjoyed playing the role of Julia.

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