“Jason Statham Opens Up About Sylvester Stallone’s Reduced Role in Expendables 4: A Decision He Can’t Fully Embrace”

Jason Statham, known for his role in Expendables 4, recently spoke up about Sylvester Stallone’s minimal part in the movie, expressing that it did not seem appropriate.

During an interview with Cinema Express, Jason Statham expressed his dissatisfaction with Sylvester Stallone’s reduced role in The Expendables 4. The film franchise, which began in 2010, stars Stallone as the director, screenwriter, and lead actor of a team of mercenaries who embark on worldwide missions with global consequences. While Stallone has played a significant role in each entry, the latest installment sees him stepping back to give Statham more screen time. Statham admitted that he missed the days when Stallone was more involved in the franchise, but did not reveal why Stallone’s presence was reduced. However, Statham emphasized that the actor is still a central part of the film’s cast. He went on to say that the best days on set are when Stallone is present, and that filming without him doesn’t feel quite right. Despite this setback, Statham said they are doing their best to navigate through the story without Stallone’s full involvement.

In the latest installment of The Expendables, Stallone’s character, Barney Ross, takes a backseat to Statham’s Lee Christmas as the main lead after faking his own death. This change in role is a departure from previous movies where Stallone was not only the leading man but also the director and writer. However, his diminished screen time could be attributed to creative differences he experienced during production.

It’s jarring to see an Expendables movie without Stallone playing a major part as he has been synonymous with the franchise since its inception. Nonetheless, the franchise’s future looks uncertain, given the negative reviews and low Rotten Tomatoes score of just 16 percent. Critics have called out poor CGI, clunky editing, lack of originality, and underwhelming storytelling. If the poor reception translates into disappointing box office results, this could spell the end of the franchise. Statham himself would have preferred Stallone’s greater involvement in the film.

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