“Is Kim Kardashian copying her sister’s famous pose? Fans accuse her of being a ‘Khloe wannabe’ in revealing bikini top”

On Tuesday afternoon, Kim Kardashian treated her 348 million Instagram followers to three fresh pinup photos. The founder of SKIMS was on the verge of overflowing in these images.

The 42-year-old reality TV star was spotted showing off her stunning figure in a black bikini. Her long, dark hair was left loose and she took several selfies in different poses. However, her followers seem to have noticed that something was different about her appearance – possibly due to her lips being heavily overlined. Comments flooded the post, with fans expressing their observations of the star’s new look. Additionally, the celebrity was recently seen partying with Kylie Jenner, adding to her already glamorous status.

A follower on social media recently compared Kim to her younger sister Khloe, calling her a ‘Khloe wannabe’ due to their similar pouty expressions in photos. Other comments ranged from snarky critiques of Kim’s use of filters to more positive reactions, with one fan even suggesting she run for president in 2024. The photos in question are believed to be from a recent photo shoot and Kim has also been modeling her own line of swimwear, which she says is designed for more than just water activities.

The popular reality TV personality from Keeping Up With The Kardashians was recently spotted showering outdoors in a gray concrete shower. She looked stunning in her swimsuit, which she accessorized with a yellow gold belly chain featuring a cross pendant and a diamond encrusted chain anklet. Kim posed like a professional supermodel to promote the bathing suit that costs $72, with the focus on her toned figure, including an impressive waistline and defined abs. The day before, she had spent two hours exercising hard in the gym, lifting heavy weights and modeling sportswear. Kim revealed that she was training with her personal trainer, Senada Greca, 40 years old, who is also the founder of the Crusнιт app.

After her recent travels to Europe for the Dolce & Gabbana show and to film The Kardashians, Pete Davidson’s ex-girlfriend shared on social media that she was trying to overcome her jet lag by working out with trainer Senada Greca. She posted photos and expressed how completing a workout routine made her feel accomplished. In a previous post, she wore a bra top while training with Senada and boasted about their progress. Senada praised the reality star’s work ethic, calling her “the hardest working woman in the room” and commending her dedication, consistency, and caring nature during their two-hour sessions. Despite being pushed past her perceived limits, she never complains and puts in the effort.

“I am aware of the inner power possessed by her, and we are currently collaborating to empower Kim to harness her strength. I am thrilled about embarking on this journey together,” expressed the individual. Kim acknowledged the compliment by expressing her enthusiasm for their journey towards self-strength. “I am excited to step into my strength with you,” she wrote.

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