“If Not an Actress, Jennifer Aniston Would Excel as an Interior Designer: A Peek into Her Passion for Designing Spaces”

During a recent interview with the ‘Wall Street Journal,’ Aniston expressed her passion for designing and decorating homes, stating that she loves the process of putting together living spaces.

Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of

During a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jennifer Aniston shared her passion for interior design. She revealed that creating spaces and putting homes together is something she loves to do and has the ability to see what a house needs when she walks into it. Despite being an actress, Aniston said that if she didn’t pursue acting, interior design could have been a career option for her. In 2019, Aniston opened the doors of her $21 million Bel Air estate to the New York Times, showcasing her personal design style. Fans got a glimpse of her living room, which featured midcentury furniture and fine art amid a black-and-white color scheme. Although some people dread the process of interior design, Aniston thrives in it and finds it fun.

In 2018, the actress famous for her role in the movie “Murder Mystery” provided additional information about her stunning Los Angeles property to Architectural Digest. Aniston mentioned that while she values a sexy design style, comfort is essential to her. She bought the house in 2011 for $21 million but was unhappy with its aesthetics at first. Over two years, she worked with Theroux and decorator Stephen Shadley to transform it into her ideal sanctuary. Aniston designed her previous home independently, so collaborating with her then-husband posed some challenges. She learned to include another voice in the design process, realizing that immediately rejecting suggestions is not the best way to collaborate.

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Jennifer Aniston has posed for a photoshoot in her luxurious $21 million Bel Air home, which she once shared with ex-husband Justin Theroux. In an interview with the magazine, the star emphasized the importance of having a permanent residence after years of constant travel. She expressed that she no longer finds the notion of frequently relocating romantic, and is becoming more selective about the projects she chooses to work on. Aniston concluded by affirming that there is nowhere else she would rather be than in her beloved home.

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