Gal Gadot’s Heart of Stone: A High-Stakes Thriller That Delivers a Unique Twist

Critics are slamming Gal Gadot's new film

Gal Gadot’s latest movie “Heart of Stone” is receiving negative feedback from critics. They see it as a second-rate version of “Mission Impossible” and a dull imitation of “Minority Report.” The Netflix film features Gadot as spy Rachel Stone, who is assigned to prevent the use of a dangerous weapon known as The Heart. The critics have pointed out how the movie lacks originality, with an unconvincing storyline, uninteresting acting, and excessive reliance on CGI effects.

CNN's Brian Lowry described the film as a 'poor woman's Mission Impossible' and noted that despite some decent action scenes, the Netflix movie feels like an uninspiring addition to the 'You might like' category that most likely won't be enjoyed. He acknowledged that while Gadot is a compelling lead even without superpowers, the film's structure, starting in the middle and lacking backstory, makes it blend in with other spy movies.

According to Brian Lowry from CNN, the Netflix film lacks originality and feels like a cheap version of Mission Impossible. Despite some good action scenes, he thinks it will simply be categorized as a movie you might like, but ultimately won’t enjoy. Lowry did acknowledge that Gadot is an excellent lead, even without superpowers, but the film’s structure, which starts in the middle without any backstory, makes it forgettable among other spy movies.

Variety's Owen Gleiberman criticized

Owen Gleiberman from Variety wasn’t pleased with “Heart of Stone,” calling it downright terrible. He found the film to be joyless, confusing, and visually unappealing, lacking any redeeming qualities. Although Gal Gadot gave a good performance, Gleiberman felt that her earnestness didn’t match the tone of the script. He also criticized the movie for lacking any real significance, describing it as all style with no substance. Calum Marsh, a critic from the New York Times, shared this opinion, calling the movie both absurd and unoriginal due to its implausible plot and subpar special effects.

Marsh wrote: 'Computer shenanigans may seem goofy, but they're more engaging than the movie's routine spy thrills. A motorcycle chase resembling one from Rogue Nation feels dull compared to the original, and its imitation of the Fallout HALO jump comes off as shameless plagiarism.' Roger Ebert critic Marya E. Gates gave the film one star, criticizing Gadot's 'bland' performance, Okonedo's 'lifeless' acting, and the film's 'shallow, artless' imitation of Minority Report.

Marsh stated that the computer tricks in the movie are more entertaining than the typical spy action scenes. He found a motorcycle chase similar to one from Rogue Nation uninteresting and the copy of the HALO jump scene from Fallout to be lacking originality. On the other hand, Roger Ebert critic Marya E. Gates gave only one star to the film and expressed her disappointment with Gadot’s lackluster performance, Okonedo’s dull acting, and the shallow and unimpressive imitation of Minority Report.

Empire's Laura Venning gave the film two stars, citing its lack of originality and character depth. She found the action engaging but criticized the CGI skydive and the generic lead role played by Gadot. The humor also fell short, except for one joke about a landline. Indiewire's Kate Erbland mentioned the film's shaky filming and noted its setup for sequels, calling for more relatable elements in future installments.

Laura Venning from Empire rated the movie with only two stars, pointing out that it lacked creativity and character development. Although she found the action scenes to be interesting, she criticized the computer-generated skydiving sequence and the unremarkable main character portrayed by Gadot. The humor in the film was also subpar, except for a single joke about a landline. Kate Erbland from Indiewire highlighted the movie’s unstable camera work and emphasized its intention for future movies, urging for more relatable aspects in upcoming films.

Collider's Tania Hussain praised

Tania Hussain from Collider gave a positive review of “Heart of Stone” and highlighted Gadot’s performance. Despite its similarities to “Mission: Impossible,” the film managed to stand out with Gadot’s unique presence. Hussain also mentioned how Gadot added heart and grace to the male-dominated espionage genre. Additionally, Jamie Dornan’s portrayal of Parker was also praised for his excellent chemistry with Gadot and the dynamic tension between their characters.

Tom Harper directed “Heart of Stone,” which features a script written by Greg Rucka and Allison Schroeder and also stars Archie Madekwe and Jing Lusi. However, Wonder Woman 3 has hit a roadblock in the revamped DC Universe, despite Gal Gadot’s earlier announcement. While the movie’s development was announced in 2019 and received approval in 2020, director Patty Jenkins was ultimately replaced due to changes made by James Gunn and Peter Safran. Presently, DC Studios isn’t working on Wonder Woman 3, as Gunn and Safran are focused on their Paradise Lost prequel series for Max.

Despite Gadot's recent interview with Flaunt Magazine, where she stated Gunn and Safran's plans for Wonder Woman 3, the project seems uncertain. Earlier this month, she also mentioned that they were going to develop the film together. In December, reports indicated that Wonder Woman 3 was scrapped due to differences with director Jenkins, who directed the first two movies. Read the full story:

Although Gal Gadot discussed Gunn and Safran’s vision for Wonder Woman 3 in a recent interview with Flaunt Magazine, the status of the project remains unclear. Gadot mentioned that she and the producers were collaborating on the film earlier this month, but in December, reports suggested that the third installment had been canceled due to creative differences with director Patty Jenkins. For more information, check out the full story on, where Gadot’s latest movie, Heart of Stone, has received mixed reviews.


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