Gal Gadot and her daughters bond over baking traditional Jewish pastries for Purim festivities

Gal Gadot recently spent some quality time with two of her three children by engaging in a traditional activity of making specialty pastries for the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim. The 36-year-old actress appeared to be completely comfortable as she shaped dough into Hamantaschen, a popular pastry during Purim celebrations. The holiday is a time for celebrating the Jewish people’s survival, as recounted in the biblical Scroll of Esther, which tells the story of how Esther, the wife of a Persian king, concealed her Jewish heritage. Purim festivities begin on Wednesday and end on Thursday.

Memories: Gal Gadot enjoyed spending a little quality time with two of her three children as she stepped into the kitchen for an old-time tradition of making specialty pastries ahead of Purim

Gal Gadot had a lovely time bonding with two out of her three kids as she joined them in the kitchen to bake traditional pastries for Purim. The holiday celebrates Esther’s bravery in convincing the king not to kill the Jews, who were targeted by Haman, an adviser to the king. Gal Gadot posted a series of pictures on social media, showing her and her daughters preparing Hamantash, triangular-shaped cookies stuffed with various fillings like raspberry or apricot jams, poppy seeds, dates, and figs. She described Purim as one of her favorite holidays, and making these goodies with her girls as one of her most cherished traditions.

Baking: The 36-year-old actress looked completely in her element while shaping dough into Hamantash (or often referred to as Hamantaschen) for the Jewish holiday, which begins on Wednesday and ends on Thursday

As she prepared Hamantash (also known as Hamantaschen) for the upcoming Jewish holiday, the 36-year-old actress appeared to be fully immersed in the art of baking. The holiday spans from Wednesday to Thursday.

Delicious: Hamantash are traditionally triangular shaped shortbread pastries filled with a jam, usually apricot or raspberry, but also often with poppy seed spreads, dates and figs

Yummy: Hamantash is a classic pastry that has a triangular shape and is typically made with shortbread dough. It’s usually filled with fruity jams like apricot or raspberry, but sometimes it can be stuffed with poppy seed spreads, dates, figs or other delicious fillings.

The sweet pastry that originated from Ashkenazi Jewish culture has an interesting backstory – it is shaped like the ear of Haman, a notorious figure in the Purim narrative, and serves as a reminder of his downfall. Gal, on the other hand, looked casual and trendy in a black turtleneck bodysuit and jeans, while her daughters Alma and Maya wore matching sunglasses as they got ready to make these delicious treats. She styled her dark brown hair into a neat bun and posed for the camera, sharing the pictures with her massive social media following of 75 million individuals.

She recently shared a snap of the couple, who have been married for almost 14 years, on a walk and admitted their lives are about to get just a little more chaotic with a packed schedule and a full house.

The famous actress, Gal Gadot, recently posted a photo of her and her husband on a walk. They have been married for almost 14 years and have just welcomed their third daughter, Daniella, in June. As they prepare for a packed schedule and a full house, Gadot shared that their lives are about to become a little more chaotic. She explained that they decided to spend a beautiful Saturday outdoors in the winter sun before diving into some exciting new projects in the upcoming months. Despite their busy schedule, they made sure to take some family time off.

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