Furry additions to the Cyrus-Hemsworth family: Miley’s braless pet store run for their newest basset hound, while Liam takes the wheel.

There has been a lot of rumors about the relationship between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth lately. However, their recent visit to a pet store near Miley’s house in Woodland Hills, LA confirmed that they are indeed a couple. Miley went inside to buy food for their new puppy while Liam stayed behind in the car. Miley’s outfit, a grey T-shirt with no bra, caught the attention of many people.

Couple's outing: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth made a pit stop at a pet store near her home in Woodland Hills in Los Angeles on Friday lending credence to the status of their rekindled romance

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth went on a casual outing to a pet store close to her residence in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles which adds weight to the fact that their love story is back on track.

Playing chauffeur: Liam drove while a grinning Miley rode alongside him in the front seat

Liam was behind the wheel while Miley sat beside him with a big grin on her face, enjoying the ride. The young singer looked comfortable in her casual outfit, consisting of a grey t-shirt and a blue hooded jacket that failed to cover up her braless look. She completed her laid-back style with wide-legged cut-off jeans and a pair of slip-on sandals perfect for the summer season. Her blonde hair was styled in a messy top knot, accentuating her radiant complexion. The pop star was on her way to purchase supplies for her newly adopted basset hound puppy, and Liam was tagging along for the trip. Although the two have had an on-and-off relationship, they were engaged back in 2012 which Liam defended, saying it wasn’t a hasty decision.

Going shopping! The 23-year-old singer opted for a dressed down look in a grey T-shirt with no bra under a mid-blue hooded sweat jacket

Off to the shops! The young 23-year-old musician chose a casual outfit, sporting a grey t-shirt and a mid-blue hoodie without a bra underneath.

In the previous month, Liam shared that he had taken his time before proposing to Miley again, even though they had broken up after being together for 15 months. There have been various claims that the two reignited their love earlier this year and rumors suggest that they are engaged once more. During her recent public appearance, Miley donned a ring that appeared to be the same engagement ring she received four years ago.

Incognito: Liam may have been trying to stay under the radar by wearing dark shades and remaining in the vehicle while Miley bought supplies for her newly adopted basset hound puppy 

Liam attempted to keep a low profile by sporting sunglasses and staying inside the car while Miley shopped for her recently acquired basset hound puppy. He was trying to go incognito.

Park here: The Wrecking Ball appeared to be smiling as Liam eased the SUV into a parking spot

As Liam pulled his SUV into a parking spot, he couldn’t help but notice the Wrecking Ball sculpture perched nearby. It almost seemed to be grinning at him, adding a playful touch to the otherwise ordinary parking lot.

She bagged it: It looks like Miley found everything she needed as she opened the door to the passenger side of the car 

Looks like Miley’s got it all sorted as she opens the car door on the passenger side. Miley and Liam first started dating in 2009 while filming The Last Song, and their on-and-off relationship lasted for three years. In June 2012, Liam proposed with a massive 3.5-carat diamond ring, and they were engaged, but things ended in September 2013. However, talk of a reunion surfaced in January after photos emerged of them celebrating New Year’s Eve together in Byron Bay, Australia’s east coast.

He's having a good effect on her: Miley looked thoroughly happy and relaxed during the couple's errand run

Miley appeared to be in high spirits and at ease while accompanying her partner on their errand trip, indicating that he is positively influencing her.

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