From Top to Bottom: How Miley Cyrus’ Creative Decisions Led to Zero Income from Bangerz Tour in 2014

Miley Cyrus has revealed that she did not earn any profit from her 2014 Bangerz Tour. In her new TikTok series called “Used to Be Young”, which was named after her latest song, the singer shared that she funded the extravagant tour herself. Among the tour’s unique features were a tongue slide that served as her entrance and furry, cartoon, and chicken costumes, as well as fake money that rained down from the ceiling. The tour earned $62.9 million and was the 16th highest-grossing tour of that year, but Miley insisted that it was an investment in herself. She had to finance the tour herself because her ideas were deemed too outlandish by others, such as big puppets, oversized beds, and coming out of her own face on her tongue.

Surprising: Miley Cyrus 'didn't make a dime' from her Bangerz Tour; seen in 2014

Larger than life: During her new TikTok series, Used to Be Young, named after her latest track, the 30-singer revealed she splashed her own hard-earned cash on the 'outlandish' jaunt, which saw her arrive on the stage from a tongue slide positioned from the opening of her mouth

Cyrus recently shared on her TikTok series “Used to Be Young” that she spent her hard-earned money on a lavish tour, which included arriving on stage from a tongue slide. She revealed that she wanted to end the tour with a reference to the film “The Truman Show,” so she flew out on a giant hotdog and left through the clouds and exit sign like Jim Carrey does in the movie. Despite not making any money on the tour, Cyrus invested in herself and paid for everything to make it exactly what she and her fans deserved. She celebrated the recent success of her song “Used To Be Young” by sharing black and white snaps of her dancing in her living room, wearing a black minidress, furry white jacket, and a Brilliant Earth pendant around her neck. She thanked her fans for relating to her story and expressed how inspiring it is to see people connect with her music. The post has already received over 414,000 likes from her more than 214 million Instagram followers.

Out of this world: She also had people dressed as furries, cartoon characters and chickens as well as 'Miley Money that fell from the rafters

Investing herself: It ended up being the 16th highest-grossing tour of the year, earning $62.9 million, but Miley didn't make a penny from it

'It was an investment in myself,' Miley recalled. 'A lot of these ideas were kind of so outlandish that no one really wanted to support me in making these pieces. So I had big puppets, oversized beds. I came out of my own face on my tongue'

In a recent revelation, Miley shared that investing in herself has led to some outlandish ideas that she had trouble finding support for, including oversized puppets and beds, as well as a performance where she came out of her own face on her tongue. However, the We Can’t Stop singer has also recently admitted that touring takes a toll on her mental health and stifles her ability to write new music. She believes that being constantly observed and subject to the relationship between herself and others erases her humanity and connection, which is crucial for her as a songwriter. Miley’s latest album, Endless Summer Vacation, was released earlier this year.

Busting a move: Following the recent success to her song, Used To Be Young, she shared a slideshow of black and white snaps of her dancing in her living room

Getting down: In light of the recent triumph of her hit track, “Used To Be Young,” she posted a series of monochromatic photos showcasing her dancing skills in her own living space.

Happier than ever: In images, she can be seen rocking a black minidress, a furry white jacket, and a Brilliant Earth pendant as she throws her arms up in excitement

Looking delighted: In the photos, she appears to be extremely joyful, wearing a chic black minidress paired with a cozy white fur jacket. Completing her look is a stunning pendant from Brilliant Earth as she raises her arms in excitement.

'I’m celebrating how much love Used To Be Young is receiving from around the world. It’s inspiring to see all of you relating my story to your own lives. That is the best part of making music. Thank you!!!!' she captioned the images

I am thrilled to see the overwhelming love and support that Used To Be Young is receiving globally. It’s incredibly heartening to witness how my story is resonating with people from all walks of life. This is the beauty of creating music, and I am grateful for it. Thank you so much!

Lots of love: The post has already received 414,726 likes from her more than 214 million Instagram followers

In a recent addition to her Used to Be Young series, which was posted earlier this year, the pop star reminisced about how she met and fell in love with her former partner Liam Hemsworth. During the video, she nostalgically recalled their fateful encounter as teenagers while filming The Last Song back in 2008. She expressed her admiration for how their off-screen relationship added a special touch to their coming-of-age drama, which was based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel. As she interacted with her followers, she revealed that in 2008 she was in need of another feature film for Disney but did not want it to be Hannah Montana-related. After creating the script, they proceeded to audition all the candidates for the role of Will, her character’s boyfriend in the movie.

Looking back: Her latest revelation comes after the We Can't Stop crooner recently admitted that touring 'isn't healthy' for her

Fateful meeting on set: In another video for her Used to Be Young series, uploaded earlier this year, she looked back at meeting and falling in love with her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth

During one of her Used to Be Young series videos, Miley Cyrus reminisced about meeting and falling in love with Liam Hemsworth on set. She mentioned how she had narrowed down her choices from thousands of people and Liam had made it to the final three. Miley also reflected on how audiences were able to witness two young people falling in love in real time, which made their movie feel extra special. She went on to state that their chemistry was undeniable, which sparked a 10-year relationship full of ups and downs, two engagements, and an eight-month marriage.

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