“From Supporting Actor to Leading Man: Jason Statham Takes the Lead and Top Pay in ‘Expend4bles’ Franchise”

The movie Expendables may not have impressed the critics, but the payday for its star-studded cast was far from disappointing. The franchise, created by Sylvester Stallone and worth a staggering $800 million, features some of the biggest action heroes of all time – from old-school legends to modern-day stars. With the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, and Bruce Willis on board, it’s no surprise that the film series made a killing at the box office.

Recent reports suggest that the popular actor, producer, and co-writer of the first three Expendables movies, Sylvester Stallone, received a significant pay cut for his minor role in the latest installment of the franchise. This news comes as a surprise, considering Stallone’s past contributions to the series. However, it seems that Jason Statham has taken the lead in terms of compensation, becoming the highest-paid talent in the upcoming Expendables 4 movie set to release in 2023.

Screen Rant and Parade report that Sylvester Stallone, known for his role in Rambo, received a significant payment for his involvement in the ensemble action thriller film series, The Expendables. The actor earned a whopping $16 million for each of the first three movies, which totaled to an astounding amount of $48 million. This demonstrates Stallone’s crucial role in the overarching storyline of the first three installments. Excluding the latest movie, the series has earned between $214 million and $314 million at the box office, with each endeavor costing approximately $80-$100 million to produce. While the audience was promised an entertaining series, many critics argue that Stallone’s exaggerated franchise lacks consistent storylines and dialogues. Nevertheless, the action sequences and humor were the driving forces behind the series’ success, with Stallone’s star power serving as the biggest attraction.

However, it would be incorrect to say that fans of the franchise did not enjoy the exaggerated antics of the Expendables. With Sylvester Stallone’s departure from the franchise and Jason Statham taking over in the fourth film, there is a significant change. It remains to be seen if future projects can replicate the same level of success at the box office, as Stallone was a major draw for audiences. Nevertheless, let’s focus on how much Stallone earned for his last appearance in the Expendables franchise. He was the highest-paid actor in Expendables 4.

Jason Statham has become the highest-paid actor in the latest installment of the Expendables franchise after Sylvester Stallone took a pay cut. Showbiz Galore reports that Statham received a whopping $25 million for his leading role, while Screen Rant reveals that Stallone was paid $3 million for his limited contributions to the film. However, Stallone’s net worth of $400 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is a testament to his legacy and contributions to cinema in the ’70s and ’80s. Fans are eager to see what’s next for the action hero, as he is currently working on projects such as Tulsa King and The Family Stallone. If you’re interested in watching Expendables 4, it is available at your nearest theatre.

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