“Floral Flair and Cleavage Chic: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Date Night Look with Jason Statham”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham have been in a happy relationship for more than five years. Recently, the couple was spotted leaving Cecconi’s Restaurant in Los Angeles after a romantic dinner date late at night. Rosie looked stunning in an off-white shirt with a deep neckline that highlighted her cleavage. They appeared very much in love and were undoubtedly the centre of attention as they walked out of the restaurant.

Chic: Rosie Hungtington Whiteley looked sensational in an off-white shirt, complete with a plunging neckline, which displayed plenty of cleavage in Los Angeles on Monday night 

Stylish and gorgeous, Rosie Huntington Whiteley made heads turn in Los Angeles on Monday night. Her off-white shirt featured a plunging neckline that flaunted her ample cleavage. Along with her neatly tied ponytail and diamond earrings, she completed her look with glossy lips and blushed cheeks. Rosie paired her shirt with floral wide-legged trousers that added length to her already long legs. She looked like an epitome of fashion and beauty.

A fashion hit: Rosie's wide-legged floral trousers made her long legs appear even longer than usual

Rosie rocked a trendy fashion statement with her wide-legged floral trousers that accentuated her long legs. Her elegant look was completed with a metallic clutch while her handsome Hollywood beau kept it simple in denim jeans, a blue jumper, and a white T-shirt. Rosie was also seen attending a yoga class near her home in L.A. and left the gym looking stunning in tight-fitting leggings and a vest top, showcasing her toned physique.

Dinner date: Rosie was enjoying a late night dinner date with her boyfriend Jason Statham at Cecconi's

Rosie and her beau Jason Statham were relishing a romantic dinner late at night at the renowned eatery, Cecconi’s.

Everywhere's a catwalk; Rosie made even her walk to the car elegant as she sashayed along 

The entire world appears to be a runway, and Rosie transformed even her ordinary stroll to the vehicle into a graceful sashay.

Date night delight! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham enjoyed a romantic outing at Cecconi's Restaurant in Los Angeles

A perfect date night was witnessed as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham stepped out for a romantic evening at Cecconi’s Restaurant in Los Angeles. The charming M&S representative looked stunning with a Balenciaga handbag dangling on her arm and a pair of large black sunglasses adding to her appeal. It is rumored that the couple has recently put up their Californian house for sale, valued at $9 million, which they purchased in 2011 for $7.325 million. Despite being together since 2010, Rosie and Jason’s bond seems to be growing stronger with each passing day.

Flashing the flesh: Turning heads as she passed by, British beauty Rosie looked sensational in an off-white blazer, complete with a plunging neckline, which displayed plenty of cleavage

Causing quite a stir with her stunning appearance, the gorgeous Rosie from Britain caught everyone’s attention as she walked by. She looked absolutely ravishing in an off-white blazer that featured a deep V-neckline, showing off her ample cleavage.

A beauty: With her blonde tresses swept into a classy ponytail, the 28-year-old model polished off her look with shiny lips, blush tinted cheeks and a set of diamond earrings

A stunning woman: She had her golden locks styled into a sleek ponytail that exuded sophistication. Completing her appearance were glossy lips, rosy cheeks, and a pair of sparkling diamond earrings.

Casual: Meanwhile, her handsome Hollywood beau kept it simple in a dark blue jumper and denim jeans, which was coupled with a plain white T-shirt

Casual: Meanwhile, her handsome Hollywood beau kept it simple in a dark blue jumper and denim jeans, which was coupled with a plain white T-shirt

In West Hollywood on Sunday, a sighting of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her attractive boyfriend from Hollywood was reported. The couple was seen running errands while her partner sported a simple outfit of a dark blue jumper with denim jeans and a plain white tee. Rosie, who had modeled for Victoria’s Secret in the past before starting her own lingerie line for M&S, is known to enjoy dance and yoga classes. Rosie made the move from modeling to film back in 2011. Reports of the couple’s sighting occurred simultaneously with news of a listing that was announced by the LA Times.

Model figure: Rosie was spotted leaving a yoga class in L.A. on Monday in workout gear

Rosie was seen exiting a yoga session in Los Angeles on Monday, dressed in her workout attire.

Gym honed: Rosie, 28, has previously told of her love of yoga and dance classes to stay in peak condition 

Rosie, a 28-year-old gym enthusiast, has previously shared her fondness for yoga and dance classes as a means of keeping herself fit and healthy.

The supermodel carried a designer handbag

She wore a pair of large sunglasses

The M&S beauty follows a daily routine that involves attending a gym class most mornings after breakfast and taking her dogs for a walk. She previously worked with Michael Bay on a Victoria’s Secret commercial and later starred alongside Shia Labeouf in Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Although her performance received criticism, Huntington-Whiteley bounced back with a role in the hit movie Mad Max: Fury Road. In the film, she played the pregnant Splendid Angharad, one of five wives escaping from the evil Immortan Joe. During filming, the actress wore a prosthetic belly to portray her character.

Fit: Rosie wore grey workout leggings with a black vest top and some pale orange trainers for the class 

Rosie donned a pair of grey workout leggings, paired with a black vest top and some trendy pale orange trainers to attend her fitness class.

She was later seen gesturing towards a car as she left

The model was pointing to something as she left the gym

It’s time to hit the road: On Monday, the model was spotted clutching what seemed like a valet ticket as she departed from her class.

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