“Fit and Fabulous at 50: Jason Statham Bares All in Magazine Shoot as He Anticipates the Arrival of His First Child with Fiancée Rosie Huntington-Whiteley”

Jason Statham has two significant events to look forward to in 2017 – his 50th birthday in July and the arrival of his first child with partner Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Despite this, he is not afraid of getting older and is proud to show off his chiseled physique in the latest issue of Men’s Health magazine. He credits his ability to move better with age to a healthy lifestyle encompassing exercise, diet, and sleep.

Shirtless: Jason Statham has posed  in just his bottoms for the latest issue of Men's Health magazine

In the most recent edition of Men’s Health magazine, actor Jason Statham has bared it all, except for his bottoms. He mentioned that he has been improving his fitness and health, looking up to Sylvester Stallone as an inspiration despite the latter being two decades older. One of his fitness routines involved Brazilian jiu-jitsu with his filmmaker friend, Guy Ritchie, with whom he had a friendly competitive relationship. In the early days of their friendship during the promotion of Lock, Stock…, they would often move furniture around hotel rooms to practice choking techniques on each other.

He mentioned how an interviewer might react if you show up with a head injury, assuming that you got into a fight outside of a bar. Another celebrity he looks up to is Sylvester Stallone, the action star known for his confidence and unorthodox approach. He didn’t learn his craft from film school, but he has a natural swagger that makes him stand out. As with any successful person, observing their techniques can be beneficial, and this actor is fully taking advantage of that opportunity.

Blooming lovely: Jason's fiancée Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, seen with him at Sunday's Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles, is expecting the couple's first child

Jason’s soon-to-be wife, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, was seen alongside him at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles, and the couple is expecting their first child. He also has a deep admiration for UFC fighter Conor McGregor, whose skills he can’t seem to get enough of. Jason thinks that McGregor is phenomenal as he has mastered every aspect of his craft and is extremely confident in his abilities. Additionally, he believes that no one can compete with McGregor when it comes to teasing and mentally breaking down his opponents. Overall, Jason finds McGregor to be superb and simply cannot get enough of him.

In the accompanying interview, he told the publication of getting older: 'I¿m moving better than I used to. I¿m feeling pretty nimble. It¿s about the whole thing: training, eating, sleeping... all of those have a massive impact on how you feel' - pictured in April 2015 

During an interview, the actor discussed how he’s feeling as he ages, stating that he’s actually moving better now than he used to and feels quite nimble. He attributes this to a combination of factors like training, eating well, and getting enough sleep, all of which have a significant impact on one’s overall wellbeing. Despite being in Hollywood and surrounded by celebrities, the actor tries to avoid the negative aspects of the industry, acknowledging that it can have a caustic effect on people. He also mentioned that it’s easy to get a big ego in Hollywood, but he remains grounded. The actor is often perceived as a ‘hardman’ in Hollywood circles, but he insists that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

He said: 'And I¿m doing better at all of those things. Sly Stallone¿s got 20 years on me and still looks good so he¿s part of my inspiration'

In response to a question about his personal development, he stated that he has been improving in various aspects of his life. He mentioned that he draws inspiration from the actor, Sylvester Stallone, who looks good despite being two decades older than him. When asked about the public labels and media portrayal, he laughed it off, indicating that he does not pay much attention to such things. He considers himself a typical person, keeping his close friends close to him, which helps him stay grounded. The complete interview can be found in the current issue of Men’s Health magazine.

He continued: 'Hollywood has a caustic effect on a lot of people,' he said. 'It¿s a cruel business. You can get a big head about things. But what goes up must come down'

He added that Hollywood has a negative impact on many individuals. The entertainment industry can be ruthless and cause people to become arrogant. However, he believes in the concept of karma, what goes up must come down.

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