“Finding Solace in the ‘Expendables’ Movies,” says Jason Statham

When it comes to the triumph of the franchise, Statham shared his opinion that Sylvester Stallone played a major role in its achievement.

Jason Statham, the actor who has been portraying Lee Christmas in the ‘Expendables’ franchise since 2010, has shared his thoughts on the success of the movies. He believes that Sylvester Stallone’s creation of relatable characters with flaws has contributed to their appeal as a form of escapism. Statham thinks that the dysfunctional nature of the characters resonates with people as they face similar problems in their own lives. He also draws a parallel between the world of cinema and music, saying that people have different tastes, and the ‘Expendables’ franchise caters to action movie fans by focusing not just on action but also on other relevant aspects. The fourth installment of the franchise is set to release in Indian theatres on September 22 in multiple languages.

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