“Disappointing Action: A Review of ‘Expend4bles’ Despite Sylvester Stallone’s Involvement”

Andy Garcia has gained a reputation for appearing in lackluster films that are unlikely to win any Oscars. His latest role is in “Expend4bles” as a CIA agent who recruits a group of amateur action stars to take on a terrorist seeking to dominate the world. While Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham receive top billing, their screen time is limited, and the other performers fail to stand out. Megan Fox’s character is not appropriately dressed for the job, and the film’s backgrounds appear unrealistic. The acting is poor, with some scenes appearing to be read from a teleprompter. Director Scott Waugh fails to inject humor into the script, relying instead on slow-moving action sequences that show their seams. If there is an “Expendables 5,” it is hoped that the producers will hire a talented writer.

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