“Chilly London Adventures: Gal Gadot Keeps Warm with a Cozy Coat and Hot Water Bottle During Ad Campaign”

Gal Gadot, a native of Israel, now resides in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Recently, she encountered a hurdle while shooting a Coca Cola ad in chilly London on a Saturday. Despite keeping a hot water bottle close to her chest, the 34-year-old actress was seen with a positive outlook, wholeheartedly dedicated to the filming process.

Cold: She was raised in Israel and now resides in Los Angeles. So Gal Gadot found herself struggling with the English winter as she filmed a Coca Cola advert in London on Saturday

Over the weekend, Gal Gadot faced a challenge while filming a Coca Cola commercial in London. Being an Israeli native and now living in sunny Los Angeles, the English winter weather proved to be tough for her. Nevertheless, the Superwoman actress looked amazing in an all-white ensemble, featuring a Tna padded coat from Aritzia, cream blouse, skinny jeans, and brown ankle boots. Interestingly, last month she launched her own production company before embarking on this new venture.

Chic: The Superwoman star cut a chic figure on set as she donned an all-white ensemble for the day

During the filming, the Superwoman character was portrayed by an actress who looked absolutely fashionable in her all-white ensemble.

Ready to work: Clutching a hot water bottle to her chest, the 34-year-old actress still seemed to be in good spirits as she threw herself into filming

The actress who is 34 years old was spotted on the set carrying a hot water bottle, but she continued filming with enthusiasm and vigor. She has teamed up with her spouse, Jaron Varsano, who she has been married to since 2008 and they have two daughters together, Alma and Maya, to establish Pilot Wave. She expressed her exhilaration about the project on Instagram, revealing that they have been working on it for some time and are thrilled to collaborate with their talented partners to bring their fascinating stories to life.

Fashion: The Critics' Choice Awards winner donned a cream blouse which she paired with drainpipe jeans

The winner at the Critics’ Choice Awards rocked a cream-toned top which she paired with form-fitting denim.

Outfit: Letting her brunette locks fall loose down her shoulders, Gal added height to her frame with a pair of ankle boots

Appearance: Gal confidently exhibited her luscious lengthy brown locks cascading down her shoulders, paired with stylish ankle boots to elevate her stature.

Beauty: Gal looked nothing short of sensational as she filmed the advert on a busy street

While filming the advertisement on a busy street, Gal looked absolutely gorgeous, highlighting her innate beauty.

On location: A bright yellow taxi was parked on the road as the crew set up production

While the cameras were being set up, a bright yellow cab was stationed on the road by the film crew who were getting ready with their gear.

Career: Gal's commercial filming comes after she launched her own production company last month

Gal recently established her own production company, Pilot Wave, and has now expanded her venture to include commercial filming. The main goal of Pilot Wave is to bring captivating stories to life, with a focus on showcasing the perspectives and experiences of exceptional individuals. The company’s upcoming project is a historical thriller called Irena Sendler, where Gal Gadot will play the lead role and produce alongside Jaron Varsano and Marc Platt. The film tells the true story of Irena Sendler, who saved over 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto during Nazi Germany’s occupation of Poland.

Busy: The Wonder Woman star has teamed up with husband Jaron Varsano - who she has been married to since 2008 - to form Pilot Wave

Gal Gadot, popularly known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman, has collaborated with her partner Jaron Varsano to establish Pilot Wave. The couple, who have been in a relationship since 2008, are planning to venture into uncharted territories within the entertainment industry.

Scene: The car helped the London street transform into New York for the commercial

The advertisement underwent a metamorphosis and now features a New York backdrop, all thanks to the ride used on the roads of London.

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