Blush-Worthy: Miley Cyrus’s Unpredictable Outfit Moments

Miley Cyrus Crazy Fashion Moments

Miley Cyrus is known for her bold and daring style, which has garnered a lot of attention and controversy since her days as a wholesome Disney star. Her wardrobe often features body-flaunting outfits, with few instances where she’s been fully clothed. She’s even been known to rock pasties and bare it all on social media. With her unpredictable fashion choices, we can’t help but wonder what she’ll do next. Take a look at 30 of Miley’s most outrageous moments, including when she wore an Atelier Versace look to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

When She Wore This Atelier Versace Look to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Remember when Miley Cyrus rocked a super revealing bralette? It was definitely a memorable fashion moment.

That Time Miley Wore a Barely-There Bralette

Remember the time when she rocked a plastic outfit covered in dots? It was quite a daring fashion statement and definitely got people talking. The ensemble was eye-catching and unique, and showcased her fearless sense of style. It’s just one example of how she’s always pushing the boundaries and experimenting with fashion.

When She Wore a Plastic, Dot-Covered Ensemble

At the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, there was a memorable moment when the celebrity forgot about everything except her underwear. Although it was skin-colored, it still managed to catch everyone’s attention.

That Time She Remembered Her Underwear, but Nothing Else — and It Was Flesh-Colored.

In 2013 at the VMAs, she made a fashion statement by wearing a bandana as a top. This unique and daring choice showcased her confidence and individuality.

When She Rocked a Bandana As a Top

The time when Miley Cyrus nearly revealed her nipple on Instagram.

When She Almost Freed The Nipple On Instagram

Remember when Miley Cyrus rocked a daring outfit consisting of a sheer net skirt set without any top? The singer confidently flaunted her fashion choice, leaving little to the imagination.

That time she wore a see-through net skirt set but no shirt.

In 2014, Getty/Venturelli captured an image at the Jeremy Scott & Moschino Party With Barbie.

The $10 Mascara Behind Saweetie's MTV VMAs Makeup

Discover the $10 mascara that completed Saweetie’s stunning makeup look at the MTV VMAs. From bold fashion choices like going topless and showing off her underwear, Saweetie always manages to turn heads.

That time she went completely topless and sported her underwear for everyone to see.

During Art Basel event in 2014, Miley Cyrus opted for a unique fashion choice by wearing a wig and apparently skipping on the top part of her outfit. The look was daring and bold, presenting a distinctive style statement.

When she added a wig but might as well have gone without a top.

Back in 2014, Miley Cyrus was spotted in Miami donning a wig and an extensive amount of makeup. Surprisingly, she was not wearing a shirt to complete her look.

When she added a wig and tons of makeup — but still no shirt.

Back in 2014, while in Miami, she opted for a more conservative bottom but chose to reveal more on top. This was captured by Pacific Coast News Online.

When she covered up on bottom, but barely had anything on up top

In 2013, during the VMAs red carpet event, there was a moment when she brought her jacket but forgot her shirt.

That time she remembered her jacket, but not her shirt.

In 2013, during a Myspace event, she proudly displayed her loyalty towards her team and also expressed her dislike for wearing actual pants.

When she showed her team pride and her distaste for real pants.

The photo shows a woman in LA from 2013. She seems to have only put on her underwear and left her outer clothes off.

She put on her underwear, but not her outer layers.

In 2014, a photograph was taken at a party, which is available on Getty Images and credited to William A Parker.

Jodie Turner-Smith Shuts Down the Red Carpet in Nothing but a Giant Bow and Thong

Jodie Turner-Smith makes a bold statement on the red carpet with her outfit consisting of just a massive bow and thong, intentionally leaving her bra behind.

That time she very deliberately left her bra at home.

The photograph depicts someone wearing a Tom Ford outfit at the amfAR LA Inspiration Gala in 2014. The person seems to have forgotten to wear their bottoms but remembers to wear their belt.

When she remember her belt, but not her bottoms.

During the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards, an iconic fashion moment occurred when she decided to wear boots as pants. This unique choice showcased her bold and confident style, setting her apart from other performers and making her stand out in the fashion world.

That time she wore boots instead of actual pants.

In 2013, during the filming of Good Morning America, she made headlines for forgetting to wear a bra in a casual manner. The incident drew public attention and was widely discussed.

When she casually forgot her bra.

In the year 2014, a photo was taken where the subject seemed to have forgotten to wear her bra in a casual setting. The image is sourced from Getty and was taken by Michael Stewart.

And not so casually forgot her bra.

In 2013, during a record-release signing event, there was an incident where she forgot to wear her shirt. Despite that, she still managed to look confident and composed in her suit.

When she suited up, but left her shirt at home.

As she walked down the red carpet at the 2013 American Music Awards, she suddenly realized that she had forgotten to put on her top. While she had remembered to wear her pants and bra, her upper half was completely exposed.

Winnie Harlow Shimmers in a Fringe Minidress With a Boob-Window Cutout

Winnie Harlow looked absolutely stunning in a fringed mini dress that featured a daring cutout on the chest. This isn’t the first time she has rocked a bold outfit, having previously worn fur sleeves and pasties with minimal coverage.

That time she was outfitted with fur sleeves and pasties — but not much more.

Back in 2013, during the IHeartRadio Music Festival, there was a moment when she displayed her bra to the audience without much concern for her top.

When she showed us all that she had her bra on, but didn't care so much about the top.

During the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, the size of her helmet was greater than the size of her top.

When her helmet was bigger than her top.

Back in 2014, while in LA, there was a picture of her wearing a lot of fur, yet surprisingly, she refused to wear pants.

When she added a lot of fur, but still said no to pants.

Back in 2013, at the Jingle Ball event, there was a moment when she rocked a sports bra as a top. The bold fashion choice caught many people’s attention.

That time she wore a sports bra as a shirt.

In 2013, there was a memorable incident where she appeared in public without pants and seemed to have trouble wearing a bra correctly.

When she forgot her pants — and how to properly wear a bra.

In 2013, during an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a certain celebrity was seen wearing clothing that covered her bottom half but left her upper half completely bare.

When she was covered up on bottom, but not at all up top.

The photo credit goes to Pacific Coast News Online and the picture was taken in Miami back in 2014.

Rita Ora's Best Style Moments Throughout the Years

Over the years, Rita Ora has had some unforgettable style moments. One standout moment was when she made a bold choice to go without a shirt, bra, or pants. It was a daring move that certainly turned heads and left a lasting impression on fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

That time she opted to go shirtless, braless, and pantless.

In 2012, the Billboard Music Awards saw a red carpet filled with celebrities. This event was captured by Getty Images photographer Jon Kopaloff.

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