“Aniston Stuns in Burgundy Gown at Zoolander No.2 Premiere with Husband Theroux”

Jennifer Aniston and her husband Justin Theroux have been apart for a few weeks due to his global promotional tour for his latest movie, Zoolander No.2. During their reunion in New York City for the film’s US premiere, Jennifer showed off her stunning Galvan corset gown with a thigh-high split, revealing some cleavage. As Justin’s partner, she was there to support him on his big night.

Date night: Jennifer Aniston supports her husband Justin Theroux at the New York City premiere of his new film Zoolander No.2 on Tuesday night 

An enjoyable evening out: Jennifer Aniston showed her love and admiration for her spouse Justin Theroux by accompanying him to the premiere of his latest movie Zoolander No.2 in New York City on Tuesday night.

Purple patch: The actress, who turns 47 on Thursday, matched the carpet in a gorgeous cleavage-baring plum-coloured gown

On Thursday, the actress celebrated her 47th birthday by donning a stunning plum-colored gown that perfectly complemented the red carpet. She was accompanied by her husband and joined other celebrities like Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Penelope Cruz at the screening held at Alice Tully Hall in Manhattan. The actress added some extra glam to her look by accessorizing with gold Giuseppe Zanotti heels, Sidney Garber jewelry, and carrying a Judith Lieber clutch bag. While posing alongside his wife, Justin was seen goofing around in a silly costume earlier in the evening.

Fabulous: Jennifer, who will turn 47 on Thursday, showed off her toned legs and cleavage in the slinky burgundy number

Jennifer, who is about to celebrate her 47th birthday this Thursday, looked absolutely stunning in a sleek burgundy dress that showcased her well-toned legs and cleavage.

Reunited: Justin and Jennifer have spent the past few weeks apart while he's been travelling the globe promoting the film 

After spending several weeks apart due to Justin’s film promotion travel, the couple finally reunited. Justin showed up in a completely unrecognizable look, sporting his character’s appearance as the ‘evil DJ’ from the film. With a grubby face and mismatched eyes, he also had a three-pronged beard and a nasty scar, all covered under lengthy deadlocks. His attire included white headphones, a Jordan baseball cap, a NY Yankees hoodie, and tight trousers.

Stylish: The blonde star completed her red carpet look with a pair of gold Giuseppe Zanotti heels and Sidney Garber jewellery and carried a Judith Lieber clutch bag

Stylish: The blonde star completed her red carpet look with a pair of gold Giuseppe Zanotti heels and Sidney Garber jewellery and carried a Judith Lieber clutch bag

Chic and fashionable: The blonde celebrity finished off her look for the red carpet by wearing a pair of gold Giuseppe Zanotti heels, accessorized with Sidney Garber jewelry, and carried a Judith Lieber clutch bag.

A-list couple: Both Jen and Justin were dressed to the nines for the second part of the premiere

Celebrity power couple Jen and Justin were looking absolutely stunning for the second half of the premiere event, effortlessly pulling off a high-end fashion look.

That's my wife! Justin looks on proudly as his wife poses for the cameras

Justin watched on with pride as the cameras captured his stunning wife in all her glory. His flashy golden high-top sneakers perfectly complemented the bling adorning his fingers and neck, featuring a large pendant of a marijuana leaf. In comparison to the real-life DJ Skrillex, who he accompanied on the purple carpet, Justin looked anything but demure. However, as soon as his beautiful wife arrived, Justin transformed back into his recognizable self, ditching his DJ attire for a more traditional black suit and skinny tie. These two made for quite the dynamic duo on the red carpet.

Besotted: Jennifer cosied up to her man as they left the premiere afterparty later in the evening

Enamored: Jennifer snuggled with her partner on their way out of the premiere’s post-party later that night.

He's got some treats planned! Justin said he was pulling out all the stops to mark Jennifer's birthday and Valentine's Day this week

Justin has some surprises up his sleeve! He expressed his intention to go all out in celebrating Jennifer’s birthday and Valentine’s Day this week.

Bling: She tied her hair back in a pony and accessorised plenty of jewellery... but not as much as her hubby

Sparkle: With her hair neatly tied back in a ponytail, she added some extra shimmer to her look with a selection of jewelry. However, her husband went one step further and adorned himself with even more bling.

Strike a pose: Jennifer posed for a selfie alongside Billy Zane at the premiere

Jennifer and Billy Zane captured a fun moment together at the premiere by taking a selfie while striking a pose.

Smitten: Jennifer put a protective arm around her man as they headed into the afterparty

Headed to the afterparty, Jennifer affectionately wrapped her arm around her man as a sign of protection. She was clearly smitten and wanted to keep him close to her side.

Secret quip: The couple looked to share a joke on their way in as Justin looked back at his stunning wife with a grin on his face

The couple seemed to be sharing a private joke as they entered the venue, with Justin flashing a smile at his beautiful wife. In recent weeks, Justin revealed that he had been on a shopping spree to prepare for Jennifer’s upcoming birthday and Valentine’s Day. According to him, they are planning to have a romantic evening to celebrate both occasions. Justin jokingly mentioned that he is currently maxing out his credit card to make the celebrations extra special. Interestingly, Theroux co-wrote Zoolander No.2, the sequel to Ben Stiller’s 2001 hit, and was even considered to direct the movie at one point.

Not sure? Justin looked to have found something a little alarming as he pulled a shocked facial expression on their way into the bash

Uncertain of the situation, Justin seemed to have stumbled upon something that caused a hint of panic to show on his face as they entered the party.

Dread-ful look: Justin Theroux was unrecognisable when he arrived in character at the Zoolander No 2 world premiere on Tuesday night

Justin Theroux’s appearance at the Zoolander No 2 global premiere on Tuesday night had a dreadful twist as he arrived in character, making him completely unrecognizable.

Strut: Justin kept in character as she had his moment on the purple carpet runway

Justin confidently strutted his stuff down the purple carpet, staying in character the entire time.

Evil DJs: The 44-year-old made real life DJ Skrillex - whom he accompanied along the purple carpet - look positively demure in comparison

Wicked DJs: As the 44-year-old strutted down the purple carpet alongside DJ Skrillex, he managed to outshine the famous musician with his over-the-top persona.

In character: His grubby face was barely distinguishable with his mismatched eyes, three-pronged beard and nasty scar, all hidden beneath lengthy deadlocks

He had a rather distinct appearance, with his messy facial features blending together. His eyes didn’t seem to quite match, and his beard was an unusual three-pronged style. A nasty scar was also present, and all of this was further concealed by his long, tangled locks.

Pristine: His white headphones and Jordan baseball cap matched his NY Yankees hoodie and tight trousers

Immaculate: The snowy earphones and stylish Jordan headgear perfectly complemented his NY Yankees sweatshirt and snug pants.

What a look! Justin added gold winged sneakers and plenty of bling to his look

Wow, check out Justin’s style! He’s rocking some flashy gold winged sneakers and decking himself out in tons of bling.

Work it: The actor and writer looked in his element as he posed with models

The performer and author appeared to be right at home as he smiled for the camera alongside models.

In the latest installment of the Zoolander franchise, Ben Stiller returns as the iconic male model Derek Zoolander, with Owen Wilson by his side as his trusty friend and fellow model, Hansel McDonald. Adding to the star-studded cast is Penelope Cruz, who plays Valentina Valencia, an Interpol agent who loves nothing more than zooming around on her motorcycle. Joining them are fan-favorites Will Ferrell as Jacobim Mugatu and Christine Taylor as journalist Matilda Jeffries. But that’s not all – the film boasts a plethora of celebrity cameos, including Sting, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few. With such an impressive cast, this sequel is sure to be a hit with fans old and new.

Even more bling: His golden winged hightops matched the bling on his fingers and around his neck, which included an enormous marijuana leaf pendant

Adding to the already excessive amount of flashy accessories, he wore high-top sneakers with golden wings that perfectly matched the bling on his fingers and neck. The latter included a huge pendant in the shape of a marijuana leaf.

In the booth: The star hit the decks to get the premiere party started

Taking center stage in the DJ booth, the celebrity got the premiere party off to a lively start with their music.

Mingling: Justin and Jen catch up with Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures, Brad Grey and his wife Cassandra

Socializing: Justin and Jen have a chat with Brad Grey, the Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures, and his spouse Cassandra.

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