“51 Never Looked Better: Jennifer Aniston’s Stunning Birthday Photo Shoot”

Happy 51st birthday to Jennifer Aniston! To celebrate, we have a stunning photo shoot from her cover story with Interview magazine that oozes sensuality. Sandra Bullock was the lucky interviewer and got some great insights from the A-lister. Find out what Jennifer had to say below!

Regarding women supporting women, I believe it’s not a new concept. I discovered the power of it when I first arrived in Los Angeles at the age of 20 and met the group of girls who are still my friends today. They had an extraordinary bond and would talk for hours about their feelings, which was a new experience for me as a New York City girl. I felt like I had landed on Mars when they put a crystal necklace around my neck and burned sage around my head while wearing a flowery dress in Laurel Canyon. However, it turned out to be a saving grace. Our industry can be harsh, unkind, and unsupportive, but having these women by my side has been a lifesaver. During auditions, I would encounter girls who wouldn’t share information or even purposely distract me while I was trying to focus on my work.

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